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Followup: The fourth bus with migrants arrives in Washington D.C. Saturday, as Texas Governor promised.

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The fourth bus with immigrants hit Washington D.C. on Saturday. The Saturday group carried immigrants from Venezuela, Columbia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Mexico on the bus.

Many called it a publicity stunt and said he was all talk; however, Governor Abbot clearly is not joking around.

The 4th bus of immigrants arrive in Washington DC as Governor Abbott promised.Harold Mendoza/Unsplash

The bus drove 1500 miles to the Capitol and dropped the immigrants off a few blocks away. The first bus carried 23 people and arrived on Wednesday of last week. Fourteen more people arrived on Thursday. Friday, thirty people arrived via bus and were dropped off in the same area.

CARECEN, the Central American Resource Center, was available to guide the migrants as they arrived. According to the Dailymail.com, The migrants appeared in good spirits and happy to be in the Capitol. They were all carrying large yellow envelopes with the words "4 Washington D.C." written in black marker on the front.

The migrants also received a quick tour of some of the significant sights of Washington D.C., including the Capitol building.

Avel Nunes from CARECEN stated:

They were offered a free ride to Washington, DC, but they were not told how to get to their final destination. We are seeing people from Venezuela, some from Nicaragua and Columbia. Governor Abbot is taking random people, and this is not coordinated. We get a big bus with ten people coming out of it from random places. This is craziness and absurdity of what Governor Abbott is doing. -Avel Nunes

When asked if they were coerced or forced to come to D.C., Nunes stated they do not believe that any of them have been coerced or forced to go to Washington. It appears the migrants chose Washington D.C.

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Although CARECEN is an excellent organization, their frustration will fall on deaf ears out of Texas. Their complaints of the situation mirror complaints at the border and the cities where migrants regularly are dropped off.

They receive a cell phone type device that does not connect to the internet or place and receive calls. According to Governor Abbott, there is no plan when migrants bus into other cities. The only plan is a tracking device and a court date.

According to politifact.com:

The phones given to migrants are pre-loaded with an application called SmartLINK as a way to track immigrants who have been released from detention and are awaiting a deportation hearing. -plitifact.com

The White House initially dismissed the bus route as a "publicity stunt." Many in the Capitol thought Governor Abbott would not follow through.

After four buses, I believe he may be serious and following through on his promise. According to the dailymail.com, Democrats are angry.

Governor Abbott says more than 1.6 million immigrants have crossed into the country over the Texas border within the last 15 months. Also, according to reports from the Texas Tribune, it will only worsen when the Biden Administration repeals Title 42, which is said to cause a dramatic increase in immigrants crossing into the United States, upwards of 17000 a day.

Read more about Title 42 here.

Once Title 42 concludes, the amount of immigrants crossing is said to be unmanageable and a dangerous situation for the United States.

What do you think about the immigrants arriving in Washington D.C.?

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