Jefferson County Sherriff's Dept. statement via Facebook live regarding search by a narcotic dog at Seckman High today.

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A random search at Seckman High School today uncovered "carts" that may hold drugs.Matt Hecht/Rawpixel

Today at Seckman High School in Imperial, Missouri, a routine check of two random hallways with a drug canine found vape cartridges explicitly made to hold THC or marijuana.

The search was conducted by an on-campus police officer called an SRO or a School Resource Officer. The SRO, Deputy Gibson, said kids call them "carts." He also said he often finds them in Seckman School. He said the devices show a mark similar to "carts" sold in California that contain THC/marijuana.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's department released a statement via Facebook Live this afternoon regarding the situation.

In the statement, Grant, the Sherriffs Department Representative, said that there is a possibility that other drugs besides marijuana could be in these cartridges. He also said it is impossible to tell if any other illegal substances are in these cartridges unless they get tested.

View the Facebook live video here.

Due to restrictions, the cartridges could not undergo testing at this time. They have to be sent to the Missouri Highway Patrol until the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department's new crime lab is open for testing.

The Missouri Highway Patrol is inundated with evidence and has to prioritize evidence that meets their crime criteria because of time and resources. Testing the cartridges probably will not meet those criteria.

Grant stated,

"The many rumors about two arrests made today, Fentanyl and Adderall found on the students, were not true."

He also said two alleged overdoses in the last few weeks at Seckman could not be "confirmed or denied." He said that the SRO found two devices on students today, and a report was written and submitted to juvenile authorities.

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Grant said the two calls to ambulances in past weeks were medical calls, and he has no further information regarding those instances. He cannot confirm or deny they were overdoses. He also said it would be up to the school district what actions they want to take separately.

Jefferson County wants parents to be aware of the situation with the vaping devices and that they could contain illegal drugs, and anyone under age should not have them at all, no matter what is in them.

Police say random searches are routine and that they stopped due to Covid. Searches with a drug canine will resume as they were pre covid, but they are not new.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department also wants parents to know that this is not just a Seckman School issue. It is an issue affecting all of the schools in Jefferson County.

What are your thoughts on the statement from Jefferson County Sheriff's Department?

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