Why Does Meghan Markle Receive So Much Hate?

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Well, Harry and Meghan are at it yet again, gadding about in public trying to look like the saviours the world needs, not that it deserves. Oh wait, that’s Batman. Anyway, their recent public trip to New York has raised eyebrows and caused many a criticism from the media. Then I saw a friend on social media say “I’ll never understand why this woman inspires so much hate.”

Well, first of all, hate isn’t the right word here. Criticism is not hate. But secondly, really? You really can’t see the issue people have with her? Let’s take a look…

She seems utterly unfazed by her hypocrisy

If there’s one thing that Meghan and Harry are absolutely stellar at — like, gold medal at the Olympics level stellar, it’s not only being hypocrites but acting as though there’s nothing wrong with their hypocrisy. Being outspoken advocates about climate change and then going to such events via private jet should be immediately off the menu in terms of optics.

Not only have they done it a couple of times, they seem to take a private jet every damn chance they get. And do they provide any justification for it? Even the most flippant response of it cutting down their travel time because of their busy schedule would be something. But nope, they clearly subscribe to the school of thought “do as I say, not as I do.”

Funnily enough, we call that kind of thing arrogance, because to have that kind of mentality means that you believe you’re better. People don’t like that kind of thing very much.

Meghan is just a luxe level influencer

Meghan and Harry’s recent trip to New York was every Instagram influencer’s wet dream. They swanned in on their private jet, dressed extravagantly, rubbing shoulders with leaders, visiting important sites and even showing how much they cared by going to a pre-school in Harlem (more on that later). All of this was made possible by the fact that Harry used to be a royal which, even in his self-imposed exile, clearly carries plenty of clout.

But what did any of this visit accomplish? In terms of everyone else, absolutely nothing. But for Meghan? It was an amazing photo opportunity:

  • Looking good in designer clothes? Check.
  • Being around important, influential people? Check.
  • Being seen to care? Check.
  • Improving her network? Check.

Make no mistake, this New York trip did nothing for anyone except Meghan. Well, to be fair she did donate some veggie planter boxes and reading nooks to the school, but this is pretty small stakes stuff. I think the best example of the trip overall was the fact that they visited the 9/11 memorial site. The question is, what for?

Let’s face it, it was a photo op, plain and simple.

The only way this trip differs from a holiday you seen on some Instagram influencer’s page is that hubby gets her the ultimate VIP access.

Meghan is everything that is wrong with society right now

For me, one of the saddest things I’ve read over the last couple of years is that kids these days are more interested being YouTubers and celebrities than they are in being an astronaut or a doctor. That they want fame and stardom rather than a life of meaning and living with their fellow people.

We see this in plenty of adults now too. Everyone seems to have this obsession with being “seen.” The problem is, people want to be seen for no other reason than they think that they’re important, rather than because they’ve accomplished anything. Meghan is the perfect example of this, being an actor who now wants to be a global A-lister without having done anything to justify it.

All of her behaviour is typical of the Instagram, SJW generation:

  • She doesn’t actually contribute anything, just opinions.
  • She doesn’t have any actual expertise, but nonetheless wants respect and power.
  • She seems to expect to be lauded for doing nothing more than being seen to care about things.
  • Her version of the truth seems to be incredibly malleable depending on the circumstances.

The biggest one, however, is that Meghan clearly wants to be a very important and respected person on the global stage. She wants this despite the fact that she doesn’t have any skills or knowledge in anything that is useful. And like many actors and celebrities, she has an incredibly inflated sense of her own place in the grand scheme of things.

What’s even more remarkable about her visit to New York was that her and Harry went to the headquarters of the WHO, around the subject of vaccine inequality. Tell me, what does someone like Meghan Markle know about public health policy in her own country, let alone elsewhere in the world?

Which begs the question: why should she even be able to get her foot in the door there?

Political ambitions

The Duchess of Sussex previously told friends about her political ambitions — and now hopes her blockbuster Oprah Winfrey interview will strengthen support in the US, sources told the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

Now, all of this is speculation at this point in time, but if it is the case…wow. An actor with no experience in business, with no formal education in anything, believes she should be the one to run the most powerful nation on the planet. This is so grandiose it’s bordering on Bond villainy.

To believe that you should be in charge when you have literally none of the experience, knowledge or expertise of every single person that has come before you (even Trump) shows an unspeakable level of arrogance. I’m not being hyperbolic here either, because the only way you can believe such a thing is if you believe that even in spite of this, you’re still better and smarter than everyone else.

She’s not even concerned about troubling herself to run for local office first, or congress, or the senate. Nope, right to the top for her. Who thinks like this?

I see the phrase “mediocre white men” thrown around here all the time, but this kind of ambition makes every mediocre white man look like Benjamin bloody Franklin. Markle can’t even call herself a mediocre leader, administrator, politician, anything. She’s never even dipped her toe into the pool.

The ultimate level of self-indulgence

Meghan went to a pre-school in Harlem to read her children’s book to a bunch of underprivileged kids whilst wearing clothing and jewellery that amounted to almost half a million dollars. Even in the world as it currently stands, I don’t think I’ve seen such a level of self-indulgence mixed with poor optics before. It beggars belief. No normal person in their right mind is going to rock up to a soup kitchen wearing designer clothes — in fact, most of us would be horrified at the thought of being so clueless to social norms.

But not Markle.

I honestly don’t know what she was going for here. Was she trying to look like some Mother Teresa type figure, gloriously giving these poor little souls a reprieve from their harsh existence in her wonderful outfit looking beautiful, while reading them her own kids book? Yikes.

At least Harry had the good sense to dress moderately.

Of course, said children’s book was made possible entirely by her profile as a Duchess. None of us little people would ever get such a deal, even if we’d written the greatest children’s book to ever exist.

Let’s stop using the word “hate” though

Because it’s not true. Only the truly unhinged actually hate her. I might find Markle (and Harry) insufferable, but that doesn’t mean that I even remotely hate her. Criticising a very public person who cultivates that public persona, uses it to forward her ambitions and tells regular people how to live is, quite frankly, entirely justified.

And let’s not equate the random nutjobs online sending death threats with commentators raising legitimate criticisms. That’s a bad faith, strawman argument that tries to paint anyone who has an issue with her actions as awful. Pretty poor thing to do in my opinion.

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