Lack of hugs by American parents blamed for the fentanyl crisis according to Mexican president

Pete Lakeman

While it’s true that physical affection has many documented positive attributes on a child’s well-being and development, Mexico’s president might have gone a little too far. President Andrés Manuel López boldly claimed that American families were to blame for the fentanyl crisis since they did not hug their children enough.

This was one of several provocative statements uttered by López including an accusation that American families don’t let their children live long enough in their homes, and his flat-out denial that Mexican cartels manufacture the synthetic opioid that is blamed for over 70,000 overdose deaths in the United States. Just a day before, Mexican soldiers had found 1.83 million fentanyl pills at a stash house in the state of Tijuana.

In a morning news briefing, López said “There is a lot of disintegration of families, there is a lot of individualism, there is a lack of love, of brotherhood, of hugs and embraces," López Obrador said of the U.S. crisis. "That is why they (U.S. officials) should be dedicating funds to address the causes."

Touch is essential for human survival; babies who are deprived of touch can fail to thrive, lose weight and even die. Babies and young children who do not get touched also have lower levels of growth hormone, so a lack of touch can actually stunt a child's growth. The immune systems of children who are deprived of touch may also be weaker than those who receive plenty of physical affection; plenty of touch earlier in life can lead to physiological changes that might protect against later disease, including cardiovascular disease.”

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