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Texas bill introduced to allow pregnant women to drive alone in carpool lane; unclear how pregnancy will be proven

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Just five days after the Supreme Court overturned the right to abortion enshrined in Roe v Wade, a woman from Plano, Texas, decided to test the limits of the new ruling. Brandy Bottone, 32, became an international sensation after receiving a high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane violation. Bottone, pregnant at that time, was pulled over by the highway patrol, and the officer asked her where the other person was. She pointed at her belly and said, “right here”

“Bottone’s case that Texas was practicing a form of legal hypocrisy was persuasive enough to win a dismissal of that initial traffic fine. That led her to assume that it was henceforth permissible for her and her unborn child to drive in the HOV lane, but she was stopped a second time on 3 August and issued another ticket.” She complained that nobody had actually answered her question about whether it was right or wrong to be in the HOV lane, and wondered why she got a second ticket. Just days after the citation, Bottone gave birth to a girl. She announced the happy news on Instagram, proclaiming “My second passenger has arrived!”

In November 2022, State Representative Briscoe Cain introduced a bill that would allow pregnant women to drive alone in the carpool lane. Cain is considered to be one of the leading anti-abortionists from Texas. Brandy told Dallas News that she was very happy with the bill since it was already stressful when a woman was pregnant even “without the hassle of being stopped and questioned if another life is on board is a step in the right direction. Baby Charlotte and I are rooting that the bill gets passed and other states follow suit.”

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