Slap fighting taking root as critics call it "stupid" while the former commissioner says "I made a mistake"

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“The competitors stand rigidly upright with their hands behind their backs, waiting to absorb a brutal slap to the face.” Ultimate fighting championship (UFC) president, Dana White is marketing slap fighting as the next big thing in combat sports and is investing his money and resources behind the Power Slap League that the Nevada Gaming Commission has licensed “Chris Nowinski, cofounder, and CEO of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, agrees, calling slap fighting “one of the stupidest things you can do.”

“Power Slap fights are typically three to five rounds. The fighters take turns hitting each other in the face with an open hand, and those on the receiving end stand with their hands behind their backs. A fighter has up to 60 seconds to recover and respond after receiving a blow. Fighters can earn up to 10 points based on the effectiveness of the slap and the defender’s reaction.”

Nowiski laments that a mindless activity is being propped as fun but it’s all about putting more money in the owners’ pockets and has nothing to do with sports. White promptly dismissed that characterization saying that it was the same jaded reception given 20 years ago to the now wildly-popular UFC. There are serious concerns about chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)“which can cause violent mood swings, depression, and memory loss.”

The rollout of the new enterprise ran into some headwinds after White was captured on video slapping his wife on New Year’s Eve. He later apologized, although the incident made the venture lose some much-needed traction. The former chairman of the gaming commission regrets approving slap-fighting regrets the decision saying “I made a mistake. I’m not happy about it.”

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