Bride incensed that guest chose to eat at a McDonald's; puts guest at fault for not bringing enough cash

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There are civil weddings, which tend to be bare bones, and then there are destination weddings, which could end up breaking the bank. While there are all sorts of dramas that accompany what should really be a joyous occasion, none prepared me for a fast food chain option.

To be clear, it wasn’t by choice. An online user is asking whether she’s AITA for briefly leaving a wedding to go have lunch at a nearby McDonald’s. The woman, who I’ll call Jade, was invited by her colleague to her wedding. She was very happy for her and looked forward to the ceremony. Just to be sure, she asked her whether there would be any cost for him to attend. "No, you don't need to pay me anything", she responded.

Everything proceeded flawlessly on the wedding day until the dining details rolled out. Jade was in shock, “I was presented with a wedding menu that had prices on it. (For example Steak ---- $50) Everything was ridiculously expensive, including the vegetarian options.” His immediate thought was to question her about furnishing him with incorrect details. On second thought, he decided that it was not a good idea to ruin her wedding day.

She instead, with all tact, asked the bride if he could rush by a McDonald’s, about five minutes away, he had spotted on her way to the wedding. She had skipped lunch just to make sure she had some space for food at the wedding. By this point, it looked like the only option was not to eat as she had not brought enough money with him for both a meal and a ride back.

She thought that it was a simple request, but to her horror, the bride was incensed, and “ she got really upset. She said that she put in so much effort to get this "Michelin-star restaurant service" yet I still wasn't happy. That I was trying to bring her down by saying that I'd rather eat McDonald's.” When he explained that it was because he hadn’t brought enough money with him, she asked, “Who's fault is that?"

When she got back home, Jade asked her boyfriend if she was AITA. He thought the whole thing was funny but he concluded she was the AITA for she could have paid back the bride later. He told Jade that she “chose the wrong time to be stingy.” Her other friends agree that she was not tactful since it was a wedding ceremony. Jade still feels that despite asking for the details beforehand, she was lied to and hence she doesn’t believe she is AITA even though she somehow feels guilty.

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