Vaccine drama: Over 20,000 exposed to measles; an arrest warrant is issued for woman with an active tuberculosis case

Pete Lakeman

An unvaccinated female worshiper may have continually exposed over 20,000 people to measles. The woman was attending the Asbury Revival in Kentucky. She was found to have the highly contagious virus responsible for causing the infection. The gathering went nonstop from Feb 8, to Feb 19. Officials cautioned attendees for the 24-hour session on Feb 18 that they may have been exposed.

The state public health commissioner urged attendees that are unvaccinated to isolate themselves for 21 days. Measles virus is one of the most infectious pathogens in the world and is spread through the air. It causes a respiratory infection that can quickly turn lethal. Its vaccine has been available for many years and is required for children attending school.

“Early symptoms of measles can include fever, cough and runny nose, followed by a rash three to five days after symptoms begin.” Even when it doesn't turn lethal, the virus weakens the immune system make an individual more vulnerable to opportunistic infections.

In a separate case out of Washington, authorities have issued an arrest warrant for a woman with an active tuberculosis infection who, for over an year, has refused to quarantine or seek treatment. Arresting officers have been asked to take precautions to avoid being infected. 

Her court-appointed attorney says that her lack of compliance is as a result of not understanding what is going on. In previous proceedings, she has spoken out of turn focussing on how she dislikes papers coming to her home. “She has repeatedly threatened suicide in relationship to papers being served upon her home.”

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