It's Guinness World Record for Japanese twins who look anything but

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Sometimes, it’s said that only a twin’s mother can tell them apart. Occasionally, even fraternal twins might look similar enough to confuse a casual observer albeit temporarily. Identical twins, on the other hand, can prove hard to tell apart even for someone claiming to be their acquaintance. But for Yoshie and Michie Kikuchi, none of the aforementioned efforts at recognition are needed.

The 33-year-old sisters are not only easy to differentiate using their facial features, but also their vast discrepancy in height. “While Yoshie’s height is 162.5 cm (5 ft 4 in), Michie stands at 87.5 cm (2 ft 10.5 in). This gives them a height difference of 75 cm or 29.5 inches.” Born in October 1989, one of the twins, Michie, soon developed congenital spinal epiphyseal dysplasia, a bone disorder that restricts growth. It’s a form of dwarfism that affects the spinal cord and the long

bones of the arms and legs.

This condition greatly affected Michie growing up and she became introverted due to insecure feelings of the limitations it placed on her childhood experiences. To officially earn their title, a Guinness world record judge measured their heights three times in one day; in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening. Michie offered a heartfelt encouragement to anyone else facing any form of limitation saying that “There are many people living with different physical conditions. As soon as you label them and pigeonhole them, discrimination begins. By having a world record, I want to show that there are people like me living a good life, and others with the same condition can do the same.”

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