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Woman sues school district after volunteering ban; school alleges her photos were on an adults' website

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Is the pot calling the kettle black? Maybe, and now Victoria is suing the Orange County Public Schools in Orlando. It all began a year ago when Victoria, carrying carving tools on her way to a pumpkin carving event at her son’s school, was stopped by the principal for a chat. She never made it to the volunteers’ event in her son’s class. Someone reported seeing her nude photos on OnlyFans, an internet subscription service based in London. It mainly offers adult services.

The principal informed her that the school district’s board had ruled that she could no longer engage with children on school grounds.Victoria, raising her son as a single mom, had volunteered at his school since 2016. She had chaperoned trips, organized parties, and comforted kids whose parents had not made it to an event. She enjoyed helping out.

 Speaking to the Washington Post, Victoria contemplated her experience after being banned from school events; “It wasn’t my job, but I took it very seriously,” [Victoria], 31, told The Washington Post. “And then you’re told like, ‘Hey, you just can’t be here.’ It’s like, ‘What do I do?’ This was my life.”

Victoria says she cried for an hour after the ban, and soon decided to seek legal help. The attorneys she hired wrote to the school district demanding that she get reinstated to the volunteer program, which they have refused for a year, triggering the current lawsuit.

People who are commenting online have divided opinions. Someone pointed out that whoever saw Victoria’s photos must have been on the website too which reeks of hypocrisy. Others are wielding their moral perspective, saying that it's wrong for her to post nude photos online. There are some who feel that her first amendment rights are being violated and that what one does in their private time and place should not be used to judge them in the public square.

What do you think? Should she be reinstated as a school volunteer?

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