Young daughter warns her mom not to undergo a procedure and her ignorance has lifetime consequences

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A mother in Belfast, Ireland may have gone a little too far when she decided to get her eyeballs tattooed. Anaya Peterson, who’s a mother of five and a law student, is a body modification enthusiast.

Before her latest escapade, Anaya had her tongue split in addition to a couple of facial tattoos. She got her inspiration from the Australian model Amber Luke who dyed her eyes blue in 2019.

It’s baffling that Amber’s experience of going temporarily blind for three weeks would inspire anyone to make a similar mistake. One of her younger daughters told her it was not a good idea since she might go blind. Apparently, she wasn’t convinced.

She went ahead and had her right eye inked in July 2020. She worked through weeks of headaches and dry eyes. In retrospect, she says that she should not have proceeded to have her other eye tattooed in December of the same year.

She reckons that at least she could have had at least one good eye. It seemed like the ink was agreeable with her for a while. That’s until she woke up one day with a swollen face and eyelids a year later.

She ended up in the ER and subsequently put under while doctors performed surgery on her rapidly deteriorating eyes. An ophthalmologist has warned her that she’s highly likely to develop glaucoma.

She reports that she can barely recognize the features on people’s faces. Her school has been helping her with educational technology to make her reading a little bit easier.

What makes people engage in risky behaviors? Would you have your eyeballs inked? Personally, I hate it even when an eyelash gets in my eye!

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