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The Jurassic World Exhibition Opens TODAY At The Grandscape in The Colony

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If you are looking to be the CLOSEST you will ever come to living dinosaurs, look no further than The Jurassic World Exhibition right here in Dallas! 

The incredibly immersive experience takes place in the heart of the Colony at The Grandscape. Not only will you come face to face with some of the most high-tech animatronics in the business, but you will also be in close proximity to plenty of dining options making for a great summer activity for people of all ages. 

When Can You Go

The exhibition runs from June 18 – September 5 and tickets are selling out FAST! Be sure to plan your visit soon. 

The Exhibition BEGINS

The tour begins with a short Ferry Ride to the island, Isla Nubar, featuring views of the ocean alongside us. After a quick safety briefing, we arrived at the one and only...Jurassic World. 

Immediately you are transported into an epic Jurassic adventure like no other here in Dallas when you are greeted by your first baby dinosaur, the iconic jeep from the movies, and then the life size dinosaur, the long-necked brachiosaurus!


Credit: @mellowyellowpay

Tour guides are stationed throughout for both your safety and to help you learn about EVERY dinosaur! They were beyond helpful and made the experience all the more fun. 


Credit: @mellowyellowpay


Credit: @mellowyellowpay

One of my favorite parts of the entire exhibit was right in the beginning where you are given the chance to search for dinosaurs in the distance on Isla Nublar through the binoculars. Think of it like a video game! 


Credit: @mellowyellowpay


Credit: @mellowyellowpay

We spotted another brachiosaurus friend waving her tail in the distance and a few other creatures. Definitely stop here for a few minutes to get truly immersed. 

There are opportunities for photographs at every turn that are tracked through a QR code so you can view them at the end in the gift shop, and all of the tour guides working were more than willing to take pictures of us together and get ALL the good angles!


Credit: @mellowyellowpay

Moving along, and after meeting a few more dino friends along our trail, we were directed into The Hammond Creation Lab where you see THE mosquitos that were used to bring these dinosaurs “back to life” as well as babies incubating before they are to hatch!


Credit: @mellowyellowpay

The technology in this room, and amongst the entire exhibition at that, was truly incredible and insanely interactive.


Credit: @mellowyellowpay


Credit: @mellowyellowpay

Each egg in incubation could be explored through advanced technology and a few taps of a screen. I loved being able to explore what was inside each!


Credit: @mellowyellowpay

The Raptor Paddock was up next where Echo, Delta, and Charlie, the velociraptors, are up for viewing from their restraints. Staff are also seen walking throughout asking children if they had seen Blue, because he was NOT in his enclosure! But where was he?


Credit: @mellowyellowpay

Not to worry, Blue can be found in the next room performing some of what he has been trained during his captivity. Blue, unlike the other dinosaurs, is actually performed by an actor, making him extremely curious. 


Credit: @mellowyellowpay

Things heat up as you travel through the next room and stubble upon a feeding of one of the MUCH larger dinosaurs, the Indominus Rex! 


Credit: @mellowyellowpay

It’s here where I began to feel truly amazed by the SIZE and details put into the animatronics. Just the piece of meat was the size of me. Imagine the dinosaur. 

There are also many hands-on activities, and pieces from the movie such as the fossil digging area, ability to interact with all of the dinosaur babies, one of them actually bit my hat, and getting to see THE gyrosphere from the movie!


Credit: @mellowyellowpay

The grand finale takes place in the form of an epic T-Rex escape. I can’t express into words the SIZE of this massive technological masterpiece! It is almost like they ACTUALLY brought dinosaurs back to life. 


Credit: @mellowyellowpay

Know Before You Go

🌟 Tickets start at $30 for adults and $20 for kids ages 3-12, parking is FREE and there is a gift shop at the end full of unique gifts for everyone!

🌟 Bring your camera! This is photo-op central, and staff are more than willing to help you GET THE SHOT! 

🌟 As a photographer I recommend bringing a wide angle lens with a low aperture to handle the low light situations. 


Credit: @mellowyellowpay

There is no need to buy the plane ticket to Universal when this incredible experience is right here in Dallas for the summer! This experience is for people of all ages! I had the BEST time. 

Which part of The Jurassic World Exhibition sounded most exciting to you? 😍

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