Unique Texas Getaway Close to Dallas is Home to A Baby Giraffe You Can Bottle Feed & Luxury Cabins Nestled on 150 Acres

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If you are in search of a close Texas getaway that is bound to leave you both thrilled and rested look no further than the incredibly unique Blue Hills Ranch! 🦒


Head 2 hours south of Dallas, just fifteen minutes outside of Waco, and you can find a 150 acre ranch with cows, donkeys, deer, zebras, mini-pigs, otters, a kangaroo and a baby giraffe named Blue, that was thoughtfully designed to include luxury guest cabins AND an incredible event venue. 🦒

This means that not only can you stay to interact with the animals, enjoy activities or relax in the wide open air, but you can also host large events here: weddings, family reunions, vendor markets, you name it!

Matt Leiberman, the president of Blue Hills Ranch & Blue Hills Giraffe & Animal Sanctuary is the genius behind the only place in Texas that boasts luxury cabins matched by a “back to nature” getaway….giraffe bottle feeding included! 🍼

He told us that his main goals are to be a place where families can come to be together and learn about animals while ENJOYING time together, and as a place where animals can find comfort when they need a place to happily live out their lives.


Currently there are two guest cabins at Blue Hills Ranch which both comfortably sleep up to four people, and soon to be MANY MORE in the coming months. Currently, at booking you can choose between either the zebra themed cabin or the giraffe themed cabin.

In the spirit of staying true to Blue, we chose the giraffe. 😉


Credit: Payton Cavin @bymellowyellowpay

I thoroughly enjoyed our stay in the cabin for many reasons.

You know how you sleep better in the luxury sheets at hotels because they feel so fluffy and airy? They have THOSE. 🤭

There is a GREAT chance of wildlife roaming your back patio, AND you will have access to Wi-Fi, a 65-inch TV, and a kitchenette equipped with: a microwave, coffee maker, and a refrigerator.


Credit: Payton Cavin @bymellowyellowpay

Be sure to take the time to unplug and take in the views, but also feel rest assured that you don’t have to “go off the grid”. This is such a win in my eyes!

I was personally very impressed with the amount of small details that were added to make the stay feel like home. I mean, you can’t beat coffee in your room, right?


Credit: Payton Cavin @bymellowyellowpay

But, there was also a black makeup towel as not to feel like you are destroying a perfectly good towel when you take off your makeup, a no-slip in the shower, QUALITY shampoo, conditioner and body wash, and EVEN those heavy-weight towels that you won’t splurge on for your own home. #theyhavethatcovered


Credit: Payton Cavin @bymellowyellowpay

So now that you know the sleeping arrangements are 10/10...what’s there to do on the 150 acres? 🤔


Blue Hills Ranch really does it all. You can have your wedding or large event in the beautiful barn venue! After saying your vows head out to get pictures with the animals. I truly have never heard of ANYTHING so unique here in Texas!


Credit: Payton Cavin @bymellowyellowpay

I mean just look at how beautiful it is during sunset! 😍



Credit: Payton Cavin @bymellowyellowpay

You know by now that you can feed Blue, the baby giraffe. We actually got lucky enough to feed him twice, and two of the baby cows while we were at it. I also recommend sunset for incredible photos with Blue. 🙌🏻

The bottle I HAD to hold with two hands was empty after only a few minutes!


Credit: Payton Cavin @bymellowyellowpay

There are many more creatures at Blue Hills Ranch who love the attention just as much as Blue. During the Giraffe & Friends Encounter you will ALSO get to spend time with Sweet Pea & Otto, the cutest otters, and the other friendly resident barn animals.

Instagram-worthy shots are in great supply while interacting with these precious creatures, and photography is encouraged.Credit: Payton Cavin @bymellowyellowpay


Should you stay in the cabins, you are welcome to walk around the ranch where there are free-roaming cows, zebras, donkeys, and deer and relax in the rocking chairs overlooking the pond, BUT you could also go on a property tour!


Credit: Payton Cavin @bymellowyellowpay

Take a ride around in search of the zebras and sometimes even a new baby calf, should you go in the Spring. I recommend the tour because you truly will learn so much about the animals and the ranch, most likely get a chance to feed the cows and donkeys TREATS, and of course get to hear ALL of the unique stories from Matt and his team.



Credit: Payton Cavin @bymellowyellowpay

Matt even says that if a baby is born while there are guests, he often lets them name the baby! 😍


Credit: Payton Cavin @bymellowyellowpay

While we were riding around we heard a strange “moo” coming from the cows, and Matt explained to us that we were hearing the sound of his blind calf, who has a very distinct “moo” calling for his mother!

Immediately I asked how he knew he was blind, and he explained that he was born that way and his previous owners did not want him because of his blindness. Thus, his residence at Blue Hills.

They were willing to give him over just for him but Matt realized he would have to also purchase his mother. So he did.

This is something we would NOT have learned without the property tour, and it melted my heart!


YES! Very soon you will be able to swim with Sweet Pea and Otto, the adorable otters at Blue Hills Ranch!

The building of the otter habitat is happening now so that YOU can enjoy interaction with these animals like never before. I will be going back to experience this myself!


As someone who feels strongly about animal welfare, I was genuinely proud to learn about the ways that Blue Hills is striving to help animals from both Texas and all over the world.


Credit: Payton Cavin @bymellowyellowpay

All the animals are provided with lifelong care, and a team of people who want the best for them. In many cases, the animals, such as the blind calf I mentioned, would not have made it if it wasn’t for Blue Hills.

Matt made it very clear that he wants people to know that he can always be reached out to if you or someone who you know has an animal that needs a new living situation.

Blue Hills is not only GROWING, but it is so much more than just a getaway! It is an all-inclusive unique Texas vacation that you can FEEL GOOD about! 🤗

What part of Blue Hills Ranch looks most intriguing to you? 👇🏼

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