Amazon Items that Changed my Life: Content Creator Edition

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If you’re anything like me you click “add to cart” on Amazon too many times to count throughout the day. Thank god for Amazon Prime, and thank god for these incredible items that have made my life easier, helped me work on my creative business and are AFFORDABLE. 👏🏻

Say hello to Amazon Items that Changed my Life: Part 1….Content Creator Edition!

*As an Amazon affiliate I make a small commission from these links and appreciate your support. 😁

Wireless Car Charger & Phone Holder (in white):

Did someone say hands-free videos while you charge your phone AND drive? That’s what I call... #multitasking! Not to mention, it auto-clamps on it’s own. Simply place your phone by the holder after securing it to your dash window and it will open up so you don’t have to hassle with sliding your phone in securely. 🤯

I also was so pleased to find such a fabulous device in WHITE and under $40, because it is much softer and more aesthetically pleasing to my cream leather seats than all the black equipment we are all used to buying. 

It is compatible with the iPhone 11/Pro/Max, iPhone XS Max/XS/XR/X/8, Samsung S10/9/8, Note 10/9 and WILL change your Instagram story game!


Phone/GoPro Mount for Your DSLR:

Ever wondered how your favorite bloggers record themselves shooting their own pics to share the “BTS”? Well, they either bring a separate tripod to set their phone up on, OR they use this cool gadget.

For $8 you can score this shoe mount adapter to secure your phone or GoPro on top of your DSLR to capture even more of the action. 

This would be perfect for:

👍🏼 Behind the scenes footage of your glorified selfies for Instagram. Think of an IGTV for “How to Shoot Your Own DSLR photos.”

👍🏼 Less stress if you are a photographer shooting a wedding without a second shooter. Need video footage at the same time? NO WORRIES! 

👍🏼 Time lapsing a sunset with your GoPro while still being able to use your DSLR to get incredible shots at the same time at the same spot.


For me, it is a great way to have an extra resource, without the bulk of another full tripod. Work smarter, not harder. 🙌🏻

200 W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Converter with 4 USB Ports:

Before I had this Power Converter I was often out shooting only to find my camera battery on empty without another battery charged and ready. You can have two or three batteries ready, but days full of adventure call for more. Who really wants to head back to the hotel to wait for the battery to charge again? 👎🏼

On top of having the ability to charge 2 wall plugs at once, this powerful device can also make traveling in large groups BETTER, by giving up to four people the ability to charge their own devices through USB. #RoadTripReady

At just about credit card size, you won’t have to sacrifice much space in your carry-on for this item. AND, if you are worried about safety, rest-assured that there is a built-in fuse to protect your device as well as a safe charging design to provide protection against: overheating, under and over voltage charging, short circuiting, overloads, and overcharging.


*Be sure to check the specific power draw for the item you are hoping to charge from this device. 

Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod with Wireless Remote and Tripod Stand:

At only 7.7 inches I have for you another space saving, travel-friendly gadget that will change the way you create content FOREVER. 

On top of it being lightweight and small in size, the tripod includes a wireless remote that can be used to click the shutter on your phone. I have so many of these clickers, and I always lose them in my house or in my car. Being able to attach this one back to the tripod allows me to ALWAYS know where I can find it. 

I have been SOLD on the good bluetooth connection, battery life of the clicker, and how easy it is to unfold and refold it for safe keeping. 👏🏻


Pivo Pod for 360 degree Auto-Tracking Photos & Videos:

The Pivo’s motto is “Like a cameraman, just way better.” Connect the Pivo to your tripod and use the app to create photos and videos, try out their 12+ create modes, or use hands-free auto tracking for face, body and even action.  PLUS the Smart Capture modes allow you to take pictures and videos with voice command, the snap of a finger, or just striking a pose. 🤯

This is a dream device for anyone trying to make it big on TikTok or creating Reels on Instagram. I am most excited to try out the cloning feature.


Hohem 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for Smartphones:

Stabilization is KEY 🔑 to great video content. The Hohem 3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal is the best way to make your iPhone just as great as a GoPro with internal stabilization, or a $700 vlogging camera. 

It is SO MUCH EASIER to use a device that you already take with you everywhere, to record vlogs and everyday video content. People love raw, real videos anyways, and most phones can record in 4K. 

For under $100 you can have buttery smooth video in 4K?! What even! 

You ALSO can also do a 600 degree pan rotation with inception mode for AMAZING videos. 😎


As a photographer, blogger and lover of all things creative, I am always on the hunt for more innovative items to make my world a little bit easier and all the more inspiring!

You can find more Amazon finds, lifestyle, fashion and travel content on my Instagram: @mellowyellowpay or check out my blog 🌟

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