7 Online Jobs for Real Money & Real Flexibility in 2021

Payton Cavin

Want to make money from home or while drinking margaritas on the beach in Mexico? Here are 7 online jobs you can make real money doing while enjoying real flexibility in 2021. 👇🏼


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Let’s face it, most people do not ACTUALLY want to work the 9-5. Those who love it, appreciate the stability, and feel comfortable in their roles. Their hustle is defined by working for a company they know will allow their families to be fed, and their mortgage to be paid. 👍🏼

As a 20 something with all the ambition I can possibly handle fueling my every move, no kids, and no reason to HAVE to commit to working for a big company, I have chosen to pursue a career in something that is a bit less stable, but all the more flexible. 😎

If you’re anything like me or most of the population right now, you want ADVENTURE, PASSION, and thrive off of making a living by using your CREATIVITY. After all, it is partially why I am writing this very article now, to post to NewsBreak, as one form of income. The other reason is to help YOU make it as a content creator as well.

With all the money in the world, I would just hop on a flight and take off to document my pursuit of discovering every square inch of the world. But, sadly, I too have to feed myself, live somewhere, and acquire money so I can be a functioning member of society.

In 2020, we learned the value of working from home, and now more than ever people crave the ability to sit on their couch or on the beach exploring while they make their income.

The best part is that is INCREDIBLY possible for anyone to turn their online side hustles into their main form of income. All it takes is a bit of searching, consistency and what you are best at….creativity.

There are a million and one ways to make money online in 2021.👏🏻

I am going to share everything I have learned in the last few years on my pursuit to make it all on my own in the creative world.

#1: Start influencing. Hear me out, because I know I just lost half of you.

The word “influencer” has such a revolting wrap to it, but when you actually realize the amount of money influencers are taking home yearly by sharing products they love and interacting with people online, you may rethink whether you have what it takes.

I am not telling you you have to be the next Kim K. There is REAL money waiting for ANYONE who has a unique voice and ANY amount of followers.😌

So, let’s break it down.

When you think of “influencer” you are probably immediately thinking of a MEGA influencer such as Kylie Jenner, who has over 100 million followers on one or more of their social channels.

Mega influencers have massive reach, but they are also massively expensive. We are talking up to, or even more than 1 million dollars per one feed post. 🤭

And while some companies have the capital and see the value in working with these large media outlets, MOST companies also recognize the value of working with those in the industry who are able to reach a select, narrowed down, group of people at a much lower price point. Cue the MACRO, MICRO and even NANO influencers. 👋🏼

Macro-influencers fall between the mega and the micro. Their audience ranges from 100k-1 million. These people are usually not celebrities, but instead hard-working bloggers, vloggers and content creators who are in tune with their following because they have nurtured it greatly over the years as they grew from micro-influencing.

With 10k-100k the micro-influencer is the sweet spot. Their following is substantial, and they are able to provide brands with high quality content and expanded reach for reasonable price points. These creatives can bring home anywhere from $40,000-$100,000 a year, based off of FoxBuisness.com and they work whenever and wherever they would like. 🤯

Nano-influencers are the buds within the influencer community. This being said, their influence is not to be taken lightly. It is estimated that they are able to make anywhere from $30,000-$60,000 based off of FoxBusiness.com. This means that EVEN IF YOU ARE UNDER 10K….YOU CAN MAKE MONEY. Local businesses love nano-influencers because they usually can reach the locals that the businesses are looking to target much faster.

So where do you start? Choose what you want to post, stick to it, and have fun with it.

If you already fall into one of the categories above and want to know where to make the money...keep reading. 👇🏼

#2: Sign up for Influencer Marketing Platforms.

So you already have a following, know you can create and distribute high quality content, and want to make money.

While brands can reach out to you over DM, or through your email it is imperative that you are actively pursuing them as well. You can do this many ways BUT I have found that it is incredibly easy to reach new brands when you become a part of influencer marketing platforms, AS MANY AS YOU CAN.

Some of my favorites include: Trend, Fohr.co, Obvious.ly, Cohley, and #Paid. ❣️

On these platforms you can get connected to new brands, get paid quickly and continue growing your audience by creating content and proving your ability to work professionally with brands. These include gifted and paid campaigns.

Don’t bash gifted campaigns when you are starting out. Use their products to create long-term partnerships and prove yourself to your audience and other brands.

#3: Manage Social Media Accounts.

Companies want a social presence. In fact, they will pay someone, like you, to run their social media channels because they see the value in reaching new people and generating new sales for their business.

Think...Etsy shops, local businesses that you frequent often, your dermatologist, even your local animal shelter. How can you bring them into the digital world? 🤔

Once you are ready and have a good understanding of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest, pitch yourself.

Find the owner and offer your services. Tell them you can provide X number of posts and X minutes of daily engagement. Be ready to prove that you will help them grow and don’t feel discouraged by a no. Simply find a new lead and pitch again. 😎

Not interested in pitching yourself but have these skills? There are companies that hire freelance Social Media superstars. I work for one.

#4: Work Remotely for a Social Media Agency.

Want clients but don’t want to have to find new leads, manage the finances behind a business, or feel the pressure of being in charge?

Find an agency that will pay you to create posts for the clients they generate.

Usually these agencies pay per client and allow you to take on as many as you can once you prove your abilities. You will create X amount of posts for each client, respond to comments and DMs and complete daily engagement. 👍🏼

I live in Dallas and have had great success with Social Practice. Reach out to me if you are in the area and I can help you get in touch with them.

If you are from anywhere else in the world simply search, “Social Media Agencies in xxxx”. Of course, like anything be sure to check their legitimacy.

#5: Become a Virtual Assistant.

Although I have yet to try this avenue on my own, I know of a few people who make their income entirely this way. 👏🏻

Busy professionals are always looking for help. If you have good communication and organization skills...you are qualified. You can go it alone, do the research and start pitching, or join networks to find clients. The process is similar to what I discussed on social media management above.

#6: Teach English to Students Online.

(I want to clarify that you need proficient English language skills and a college degree, which doesn’t have to be in education, for most companies that offer teaching jobs like this online.)

If you are English-speaking, okay with getting up a bit early, and like working with kids, then you can make excellent money teaching English online. Not to mention, the demand is high and you can work as little or as much as you would like.

I personally recommend VIPkids because they offer up to $22/hour and the process to sign up is relatively smooth. They even have an App. 😁

When I was doing this I simply watched YouTube videos, there are tons of current teachers who work for referrals by documenting their experience in the role on their social channels.

This is an excellent option for those who are interested in spending weeks or months at a time traveling. All you need is your laptop and supplies to teach lessons when you sign up for them.

#7: Sign up to Write Articles for NewsBreak.

Already writing for a blog, or social media channels? NewsBreak will pay you to share your unique stories and advice. 🤯

If you create 12 articles that meet the criteria and get posted to your portal within 30 days, you will get $1,000. That is steady income as long as you are meeting the requirements.

Not to mention they have a pretty great referral program. (: Follow my link to support me and get started making your own money here: NewsBreak Creator Program.

It doesn’t matter where you started or your level of education, there are options for working from home in 2021. Start believing you can make it, and chances are that you WILL. 🤗

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