Dogs Are Online Consumers Too

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Our two pups go nuts when a brown box is delivered
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Our family Dog, Daphne, is a Trojan. A few years ago she gave birth to seven pups.

From 1 am and 8 am on a random Tuesday morning in April 2019 seven new lives entered the world, one by one.


All seven were female, not a single male insight.

So allow me to introduce you to the ladies:

  1. Big-Betha (aka Bertie) — The “‘Black-sheep,” loud and the biggest in the litter
  2. Chloe (aka BoBo) — Beautiful, with a tan coat and white socks
  3. Daisy — Silky smooth with brindle fur and white socks like Chloe
  4. Harley — The tiny firstborn with a scruffy black coat
  5. Lily — Jet black with white socks too
  6. Sootie — All black, with speckles of brindle peppered on her coat and paws
  7. Willow — Small like a willow with a stunning multi-brindle coat

This article is about how 2 members of the litter, Bertie and Bobo, embraced online retailing.

Online orders

Most weeks we get orders delivered from online retailers. Regardless of what it is, our dogs think it's theirs as they hyperactively hover and frantically sniff until they know exactly what the brown box contains.

More often than not, they're disappointed.
Dog subscription boxImage via

Although once a month the contents of one such brown box are theirs.

Every month our dogs get their very own subscription box

To convey the furry frenzy that follows when our local driver delivers Buster Box, allow me to share a short clip of the excitement that engulfs our home.

Video source

Sales in the online pet market have exploded in recent years.
Online Pet MarketImage via Global Market Insights (2021)

Another Pup

Just a few miles away lives another litter-fellow, Willow. Born from the litter she exhibits similar possessive traits whenever she gets treats.

Video source

Given that that Bobo, Willow and Bertie share the same DNA its not surprising that their behaviours reflect one another when doggie treats arrive at the door.

You can almost hear them saying:

"They're mine ... all mine ... Muh-hahaha"

K9 Consumers

Our best friends have taken to online retailing like Ducks to water. Just check out their reaction to this months order in the clip below, which arrived only a few days ago.

Video source

Our furry fanatics delight when the fruits of online orders manifest a couple of days later.

It's fair to say Dogs, and indeed other pets, are eCommerce consumers in their own right.

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