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Cleveland kitchen gives guidelines on foods that are good for your gut health.

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Cleveland, OH - Maintaining a healthy gut may protect your body from hazardous diseases, help you process and digest food, help you stay in shape, and even enhance your mood.

Neglecting them, on the other hand, can result in indigestion, undesirable weight gain, fatigue, as well as decreased performance mentally and physically.

So, how can you nourish your stomach responsibly and enjoyably? By consuming gut-healthy foods in delightful portions. Today, Cleveland Kitchen will provide you some pointers on those dishes.

  • Sauerkraut

Rich in fiber, iron, as well as vitamin C, sauerkraut is fresh-cut cabbage that is carefully fermented in its juices to infuse delicious flavors, beneficial nutrients, essential vitamins, and bacteria that can increase your gut performance.

It has a long history in numerous cultures such as ancient Mongolia, Germany, and Eastern Europe. Sauerkraut is incredibly adaptable and may comfortably match your flavor and dietary needs as a condiment, side dish, or snack in and of itself.

  • Kimchi

Originating nearly 1,500 years ago in Korea, kimchi is a beloved staple of Korean cuisine, it's a fermented mix of vegetables and spices such as cabbage, ginger, mustard greens, garlic, green onion, gochugaru red pepper, and salt.

This dish is rich in nutrients such as Beta Carotene that helps good immune function, Choline, which protects the cells and muscles of the digestive system, and Folate that assists in building healthy cells and promotes energy generation.

  • Other dishes

In case you don't like sauerkraut and kimchi, some other fermented foods and beverages can assist your gut health such as yogurt, kombucha, or even pickles. You can even learn to make one yourself. If you want to sample with fermented food so that you can make it yourself.

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