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Get to Know Steel Panther, One of The Performers in Inkarnation 2021

Paul Krasinic

Mansfield, OH - Who is Steel Panther? In the age of political correctness in songs and popular culture, this heavy metal band serves as a new air.

Steel Panther consists of Michael Starr as the lead vocal, Satchel as the lead guitar, Lexxi Foxx as the bassist, and Stix Zadinia as the drummer. They wave the flag of sex, drug, and metal since 2000.

Their music is what heavy metal music should be: high vocals, hard drums, and mighty bass throbs. “You’re going to hear something familiar, but you’re also going to hear something new,” says the lead vocalist, Michael Starr. “We grew as musicians and as people. The core values stay the same: Heavy Metal Rules and hot chicks are fun.”

“Heavy Metal Rules is the perfect phrase to describe how we feel,” said the drummer, Stix. “It’s not just music; it’s a lifestyle. We’ve been able to create an environment for ourselves where nothing is off-limits. There are no boundaries. We push it because we like to push it. In this day and age, people are open to pushing it, because everything is so politically correct. We are the last bastion where you can go if you want to get your freak on. We’re the most truthful band on the fucking planet.”

In 2009, they released their debut where Feel the Steel came to the public. Currently, their stream surpassed 100 million and their views have been past 100 million by 2019. They have shared the stage with Aerosmith.

“The lead guitar is really in-your-face,” said Satchel. “We left out a lot of the rhythm guitar. It’s easier to hear the solos. They don’t suck either.”

“We really do love heavy metal and performing,” said Michael. “We’re going to fucking conquer the world the Steel Panther way. Heavy metal is coming “

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