6 Wines to Sip this Spring and their Perfect Food Pairings

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Happy first day of spring! Now’s the time to emerge from winter hibernation and reach for your favorite springtime wine.

These are the perfect wines to pop open during spring cleaning, bring to that backyard picnic, or sip on your porch as the sun sets (at a reasonable time.. finally!)

Heck, you can even toss a glass of wine in a tumbler for your daily walk around the block. We’re the last to judge.

With the Spring Equinox approaching, here are the our favorite spring wines, complete with springtime activities to pair with each glass.

Domaine De Lavaur Malbec

Domaine De Lavaur is dedicated to Malbec, also known as Côt. Producing a lineup of five different 100% Malbec wines that are 100% from their estate, the Delpech family has been dedicated to crafting beautiful, inky-dark wines made from Malbec since 1890. Four generations have stewarded the grapes from vineyard to glass with a strong eye on tradition. Yves Delpech is the current head of the Domaine, continuing the family heritage. They are proud to be Independent Vignerons who respect both tradition and the environment.

There’s so much to love about this Malbec -- it’s fruity, expressive, and easy to enjoy. Upon pouring, you’ll immediately notice aromas of strawberry fig newtons wafting out of the glass, followed by raspberry jam and toasted cinnamon. There’s just a dash of something earthy, like leather boots crunching against gravel. On the palate, you’re met with zippy, bright acidity. This wine knows how to say “hello”! Give this wine a bit of time to open up in your glass, or pour it into a decanted before enjoying, then pair it with a peppery grilled steak or a juicy burger… even a drive-through burger would work for this one, we won’t tell ;)

Aydie L’Origine Madiran

Since 1927, four generations of winegrowers have followed one another at Château Aydie. The family is constantly striving to perfect their wines, actively choosing more precise plots, seeking new winemaking strategies, and trying new and ever more demanding blends.

The first thing you may notice about this wine is its intense, deep ruby color. Composed of 70% Tannat and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, both grapes are known for their thick-skin, which is what imparts color into wine. Tannat is actually known as one of the “healthiest” wine grapes due to high levels of antioxidants, especially resveratrol, which also comes from its thick, juicy skin. Full and pleasant on the palate, this wine is bursting with flavors of black plum, black licorice, and dark chocolate. It’s seriously indulgent! Enjoy with a hearty casserole -- something high in fat and protein to balance out the lush tannins in the wine. Think beef and mushrooms and strong cheeses.

Chateau Simon Graves Blanc

The Dufour family has cultivated the vines and produced Barsac-Sauternes wine since 1814 on the unique soils of Château Simon.

Pour yourself a glass of this Chateau Simon Grave Blanc and immediately be washed over by aromas of lush, decadent peach. This refreshingly juicy and balanced white wine brims with concentrated flavors of stone fruits and lime zest, followed by distinct herbal notes. The luscious fruit flavors are balanced out by a pleasing minerality and clean acidity. Expect to easily get lost in a glass of this beautiful Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon blend -- it’s perfect for early spring and dreaming of summer days to come. Pair this with pretty much anything, although our recommended go-to’s would be a creamy lobster bisque or a fresh spring salad with balsamic grilled peaches and tangy goat cheese.

Famille Pierre Gaillard Syrah

Pierre Gaillard has always had a love for the land. Attracted to slopes and terraces and the way terroir can speak through a wine, he’s been building his wine brand since 1981 when he purchased his first parcel of land, Clos de Cuminailles in Malleval.

Jammy and juicy, this Syrah is bursting with character. Dark fruit such as blueberry, black currant, and plums fill the glass, followed by mocha and a slight hint of smoke. Although a relatively small, thick skinned grape, Syrah makes big wines that can be powerful and intense. Crafted by female winemaker, Jeanne Gaillard, this Syrah is a delightful example of how strength can be balanced by precision and elegance. Pair this wine with pork cheeks simmered in a Lyonnaise sauce over home-cooked pasta for a regional take, or simply whip up some simple spaghetti and meatballs.

Mourchon Côtes du Rhône

Domaine de Mourchon is organic certified and uses eco-friendly viticulture to take care of their vines. Most grapes are hand-harvested at night, ensuring the juice stays cool and fresh between the vineyard and their gravity-fed, hillside winery. Mourchon wines focus on quality for good value, and certainly over-deliver on that promise.

Elegant and balanced, this fruit-driven red wine is crafted from vines that are over 40 years old. Old vines lend deeper concentration of flavors in a wine, and this bottle is no exception; intense, ripe cherries immediately greet you upon pouring a glass, followed by bright, tangy raspberries. As your mouth waters from its delicious acidity, you’ll note a dash of sweet baking spices on the finish. Pair this wine with creamy cheeses or a decadent lasagna. This blend of Grenache (60%) and Syrah (40%) is incredibly versatile with food, especially fuller flavored beef, pork, and roasted vegetable dishes.

Domaine le Clos des Lumieres Côtes du Rhône (White)

Located on a third-generation family farm, Domaine le Clos des Lumieres was founded in 1946 by the grandfather of the current winemaker, Gerald Serrano. Ambitious and hardworking, Gerald saw an opportunity for the family to not only farm the vines to sell to the local co-op, but to craft their own wines. Having grown up his entire life on the property, Gerald is uniquely familiar with the Domaine’s terroir and high-quality soils that give the wines their unique appeal. The oldest vines on the property are as old as 65 years, packing in quality and concentration.

If cool weather whites are not your thing, this bottle is going to be the one to change your mind. Stick your nose into the glass and deeply inhale... it’s reminiscent of pulling fresh-washed linens out of the drier. Crisp, clean, and aromatic, yet plush and soft at the same time. A blend of 40% Grenache Blanc, 40% Viognier, and 20% Bourboulenc, you’ll note floral aromas, as well as soft pear, sweet apples, and just a dash of cooking spices. Pair this wine with a rich and gooey baked brie, or try something bold: because of Grenache Blanc’s cumin-like spice flavors, it’s also well-suited for richly spiced dishes of Moroccan, Spanish, Indian or Asian origin.

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