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Las Vegas Animal Rescue Gears Up for Fireworks: Protecting Farm and Barn Buddies

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Las Vegas Animal Rescue Gears Up for Fireworks: Protecting Farm and Barn BuddiePhoto byGrant CaionUnsplash

As Independence Day approaches, many of us eagerly anticipate the dazzling displays of fireworks that light up the night sky. However, for Sharon Linsenbardt, owner of the Las Vegas Farm and Barn Buddies Rescue, this celebration comes with mixed feelings. As the caretaker of hundreds of neglected, abused, and injured farm animals, she knows all too well the dangers posed by fireworks. In this blog post, we delve into the challenges faced by this animal rescue organization and their efforts to protect their beloved farm and barn buddies during the Fourth of July festivities.

A Haven for Farm Animals:

The Las Vegas Farm and Barn Buddies Rescue provides a safe haven for a diverse range of animals, including pigs, ducks, peacocks, horses, alpacas, roosters, cats, dogs, cows, and goats. These animals often come from traumatic backgrounds, having experienced abuse or neglect before finding solace in the rescue. The dedicated team at the farm works tirelessly to rehabilitate these animals and provide them with a loving and caring environment.

Fireworks and Fear:

While the Fourth of July is a time for celebration and patriotism, it also brings with it a heightened sense of anxiety for Linsenbardt and her team. Illegal fireworks pose a significant threat to both the rescue's property and the animals they care for. Animals that have experienced trauma are especially sensitive to loud noises and sudden flashes of light. This instinctual fear can cause them to panic and attempt to flee, endangering their well-being.

The Risk of Fire:

One of the most pressing concerns during the fireworks season is the risk of fire. Linsenbardt explains that illegal fireworks can easily go astray and land on their property, which is covered with dry straw. A small ember can smolder for hours before erupting into a full-blown fire. The rescue's team must remain vigilant even after the festivities have ended to ensure the safety of the animals and the property.

Preparation and Protection:

In anticipation of Independence Day, the Las Vegas Farm and Barn Buddies Rescue undertakes extensive preparations to safeguard their animals. They strategically relocate animals to safer areas, such as inside barns, where they are less likely to harm themselves in moments of fear and panic. Handlers are assigned to animals that require extra care, such as blind or highly anxious horses. These experienced individuals play a crucial role in calming the animals and ensuring their well-being throughout the celebrations.

The Aftermath:

Sadly, the aftermath of the fireworks display brings another wave of challenges for the rescue. Many pet owners in the surrounding area will contact the farm, reporting that their dogs or cats have run away in fear during the fireworks. Linsenbardt expects an influx of lost and injured animals seeking help, further straining their resources and dedication.

Supporting the Las Vegas Farm and Barn Buddies Rescue:

Unlike some animal rescue organizations, the Las Vegas Farm and Barn Buddies Rescue does not receive any taxpayer funding. They rely heavily on the generosity of donations and the support of volunteers to continue their essential work. If you're interested in providing assistance or simply wish to visit the farm and learn more about their mission, you can find additional information at or


As we celebrate Independence Day with fireworks, it's important to remember the impact they can have on our animal friends. The Las Vegas Farm and Barn Buddies Rescue embodies compassion and dedication in their tireless efforts to protect and care for farm animals during this challenging time. By supporting organizations like this, we can ensure that our celebrations are mindful of the well-being of all creatures, great and small.

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