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Seeking Justice for Shanquella Robinson

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In today's fast-paced news cycle, it can be easy to overlook important events and stories. One such story is the brutal attack on Sanquila Robinson, which was captured on video and the perpetrators have been identified. However, because the attack occurred in a foreign territory, there doesn't seem to be a sense of urgency or public outcry about the case.

One possible reason for this lack of attention may be news fatigue. With so much happening in the world, it's easy to become desensitized and overwhelmed by the constant stream of news. But there may also be a deeper issue at play, as it's possible that society values certain victims over others.

For instance, there has been a significant campaign in the black community to protect black women, yet it seems that this only matters when the perpetrator is a police officer or an African-American man. It's important to recognize that violence against black women can come from anyone, regardless of race or gender, and that we must fight for justice for all victims.

It's crucial to not let news fatigue or biases prevent us from speaking out against violence and advocating for justice, especially for those whose stories may not receive the attention they deserve. We must remember that every victim deserves to be heard and every perpetrator must be held accountable for their actions.

News fatigue is a phenomenon that has become more prevalent over the last decade due to several factors. The internet has made it easier to produce and distribute news, while social media is designed to keep users engaged by playing on the fear of missing out. There is also less trust in news media, and there has been a lot of negativity in the news, particularly related to the pandemic, war, economy, and politics. While news fatigue itself is not harmful, it can lead to news avoidance, which can prevent people from accessing essential information.

A group of Shanquella Robinson supporters held a rally in uptown Charlotte on February 18, 2023, demanding justice for the 25-year-old Charlotte resident who died in Mexico in October 2022. Robinson was on vacation with six companions in Cabo San Lucas when she died a day after arriving. Initial reports from associates said she died of alcohol poisoning, but a death certificate revealed she suffered a broken neck and cracked spine. A video of a fight between Robinson and a woman she went to Mexico with has gone viral, showing Robinson being hit several times before falling to the ground.

Mexican officials have issued an arrest warrant for an unnamed "direct aggressor" on charges of femicide, and the FBI has opened a separate investigation. However, no arrests have been made, leaving some supporters disheartened. The group of Robinson supporters marched to a post office on McDowell Street and sent over 1,000 letters, most tucked inside pink envelopes, to officials in Mexico and Washington, D.C., demanding justice for Robinson.

The letters were from family, friends, and people as far away as West Virginia, Kentucky, and Arizona. Mario Black, the founder of Million Youth March, an anti-gun violence group, organized the rally and said he hoped the letters would spur officials to move forward with the investigation.

Shanquella Robinson deserves justice for the horrific attack she endured. It's important that we continue to raise awareness about her case and hold her attackers accountable for their actions.

This can involve sharing her story on social media, contacting local law enforcement and government officials to demand action, and supporting advocacy groups that work to combat violence against women.

It's also crucial to remember that the fight for justice doesn't end with a single case. We must remain committed to creating a safer and more equitable society for all people, especially those who are most vulnerable to violence and discrimination.

By standing up for the rights of victims like Shanquella Robinson, we can help to build a more just and compassionate world.

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