Florida Principal Forced to Resign After Students Shown Statue of David

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A Florida principal, Hope Carrasaquilla, said that she resigned after being told that she would otherwise be fired after parents' reactions to their children being taught an art lesson which included an image of Michelangelo's statue of David.

The complaint followed a Renaissance art lesson. Though the statue of David is perhaps the most famous statue in history, one parent claimed the images were pornographic. Other Florida parents wanted more details about the class before it was taught.

David was finished by Michelangelo in 1504 and depicts a nude man carved from marble. Michelangelo was commissioned by a church in Florence to build the statue.

According to the BBC, Carrasquilla, who had been principal at the school for less than a year, said that she was not certain about the reason she was essentially fired but believes it had to do with the art lessons and complaints from parents.

The firing occurs in the midst of political efforts that would restrict sexual education in schools and expand parental oversight in schools.

Florida's governor, Ron DeSantis, reportedly hopes to expand laws to ban the teaching of sex education through high school.

On the national stage, the Republicans in the House of Representatives have passed the Parents Bill of Rights measure. The measure would require schools to post for the public information about what is being taught to students along with providing parents with a list of books available in the school library. The measure also forbids mental health or substance use disorder screenings of students without parental consent and requires districts to notify parents of any violence on campus.

The measure was voted against by democrats along with five republicans who argued it represented even more governmental control over schools.

The Parents Bill of Rights is expected to be voted down by the US Senate.

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