New Star Trek Voyage Begins This Week

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The calamitous conclusion of Captain Pike's career is assured - sealed within the stories told in Star Trek the Original Series. Beginning this week however, Trek fans will see Pike, along with Spock, embark upon unknown, pre-Kirk adventures in the new Star Trek: Strange New Worlds on the Paramount + streaming service.

Paramount + has become the home of Star Trek - "Every series. Every episode," to quote their website.

The cast is led by Anson Mount who portrays Captain Christopher Pike. The beloved character of Spock, made legendary by Leonard Nimoy, will be played by Ethan Peck while Rebecca Romijn is the apparently yet unnamed Number One, or the ship's second in command.

The new series owes its existence to the failure of Star Trek's first pilot episode. In The Cage, creator Gene Rodenberry attempted to launch his eventual franchise with Captain Pike at the helm, played by Jeffrey Hunter. It was decided that the original pilot was a miss and Hunter was replaced by William Shatner. Captain Pike became a trivia question while James T. Kirk became the lead in the decades-old franchise.

A bit more of Pike's story was told when he reappeared on the Enterprise, futuristic-wheelchair-bound as Spock stood trial for his loyalty to Pike. The classic two-part story titled the Menagerie became Pike's shining moment in Star Trek's first season.

The Star Trek franchise's revival on Paramount + roars on as Star Trek: Picard concludes its second season within the same week that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds begins its first. Star Trek: Discovery has reportedly been renewed for a fifth season. This marks the first time that the franchise has had three series in production simultaneously.

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