What Is the Havana Syndrome?

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200 Americans show symptoms of the Havana Syndrome with the Biden administration calling on others to come forward if they suspect that they too are victims. Moscow, London, and Vienna have also reported cases of the mystery illness.

Reported symptoms include hearing a piercing noise, feeling intense pressure pulsing in the head and face, general pain, brain fog, vision problems, nausea, and vertigo. An inability to concentrate followed well after the noise ceased. One patient reports a non-stop headache three years after the initial onset.

In one case, a US military officer was driving in “an Asian capitol” with his son. He reported feeling intense pressure in his head before hearing his child scream from his car seat. He accelerated the car and soon the pressure subsided.

While the CDC has taken the lead in the response to Covid-19, the investigation into the Havana Syndrome is being led by the CIA.

After the “chaotic response” from the Trump administration, the CIA director William Burns has now assigned a veteran who took part in the hunt for Osama bin Laden — though the agent’s name is not being released.

The CIA is taking the lead because the Havana Syndrome seems to target American diplomats and spies. After denials of patients’ claims under Trump, the government is now ramping up efforts to find the source.

The first reports were made in 2016 by diplomats at the US Embassy in Havana — hence the name of the syndrome. Early suspicions fell on Cuba’s involvement, though cases popping up around the world suggest a more powerful culprit.

In December, the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine concluded that the symptoms are most likely the result of some sort of directed energy emissions. One theory is that the victims were first exposed inadvertently during an attempt to hack government computers. After realizing the impact, this use of microwaves was then weaponized and used for the purpose of disabling its human targets.

While cases in Cuba date back to 2016, The New Yorker’s Adam Entous has been investigating the Havana Syndrome in Austria, which began around March. Since then, there have been about two dozen cases.

While the CIA has reported little intelligence regarding the source of the Havana Syndrome, the hypothesis they have formed is that Russia is behind the attacks and they are accomplishing it with a miniaturized and portable version of a microwave pulse radiation device.

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