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Woman Caught Hanging Dolls In Nooses Near Black New Jersey Politician's Campaign Signs

Ossiana Tepfenhart

New Jersey may be one of the most racially-diverse states in the Union, but that doesn't mean that racism is dead here. Proof of that came fairly recently after a Middle Township woman was caught hanging stuffed animals from nooses near a black political candidate's sign.

In a video obtained by police, a blonde haired woman can be seen getting out of a dark Buick sedan. She then is seen pulling out stuffed animals in nooses, then tying the nooses to the tree above a Tim Alexander campaign sign.

Alexander is a Black Democrat candidate who was running for a seat in the New Jersey House of Representatives. The event, which occurred on Election Day, has already shocked much of Cape May county and is being treated as a hate crime by investigators.

Tim Alexander did not appear to be surprised. In fact, he made calls for an end to division politics and racism as part of his campaign platform.

“It really spoke to what I have been talking about on the campaign trail," he explained. "And that is that we have too much division. We have too much tribalism. We have this sense of us against them.” 

Tim Donahue, the mayor of Middle Township, also released his own statement on the matter:

"This is not who we are in Middle Township. We stand united against all forms of racism, hate, threats and intimidation. If this investigation proves charges are warranted, the perpetrator(s) will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." - Tim Donahue via WNBC Philly

As of the time of this writing, the police are still investigating the matter and are trying to find who did this. The woman has not been identified or charged. If you or anyone you know has information on this hate crime, reach out to the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office at (609) 465-1135, the Middle Township Police Department at 609-465-8700.

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