What Types Of Food Are Americans Ordering?

Ossiana Tepfenhart

If nothing else, America is currently undergoing a restaurant boom. This is particularly true in places like New Jersey, where new ethnic foods are becoming increasingly popular every day. With all the different types of takeout that people enjoy these days, did you ever wonder which one is the most popular?

In a place like Bergen county, you'd probably assume it's pizza or tacos. Perhaps, if you're in Newark, you might assume it's Portuguese food. As it turns out, there has been a study that revealed the true king of takeout...and it might not be what you'd expect.

FoodFireFriends.com recently looked at the most Googled cuisine in America, and what they discovered was fascinating. To get a better idea of what's going on with our tastebuds, I also took a look at Doordash's sources.

The most Googled cuisine is...

Yep. It's Chinese takeout. If you love to roll through life with egg rolls and noodles, you are not alone. There are currently 3.35 million searches per month for this type of cuisine---a clear indicator of its popularity in all 50 states.

With that said, Chinese food is only the second most-popular takeout order in a 2021 survey. Doordash cites it even lower at the fifth most popular. So, it seems that a lot of people tend to prefer trying their own hand at Chinese cuisine.

The most popular cuisine to order as takeout is all-American.

According to Doordash, American cuisine (like burgers and fried chicken) ranked as their most ordered type of food in 2022. French fries, burgers, hashbrowns and fried chicken all made the list as the most common items ordered this year.

Oddly enough, burritos and burrito bowls also made it onto the list of most-requested foods ordered online. So, if you love your 'ritos, you're not alone.

Other popular food choices included...

But, what about the other popular cuisines that captivate our hearts? Here's a quick run-through of what the surveys revealed:

  • Mexican was the 2nd most Googled food, and the second most ordered food on Doordash. Pass the tacos, please.
  • Thai food is now the 3rd most Googled cuisine, but didn't rank in the top five for delivery orders. Perhaps this is because it's just starting to trend?
  • Pizza was the third most-ordered according to EatDrinkDeals, but didn't rank highly on Doordash or FoodFireFriends's search survey. It's uncertain as to why this is, but it may have something to do with the way the surveys were conducted. For what it's worth, Doordash ranked Italian as the fourth most popular food to order, which may include pizza.
  • Indian food is now the 4th most popular cuisine to Google. This also did not scratch the top five food categories in Doordash's survey.


You're not alone. However, this just goes to show how strange and wild our food scenes can be on a nationwide level.

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