Six Bad Habits of Sleep-Deprived People

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Hint: They are not habits you should be proud of.

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Over the last five years, I experienced many forms of sleep deprivation. But, since I still suffer from it to a degree, I decided to share an article about what people do wrong that makes them sleep-deprived.

When I finally figure out how to sleep in a way that works for me, I’ll be sure to share that process, too. But, for now, let’s dig into six habits of Sleep-Deprived people. In the end, I’ll share a little bonus observation on how to deal with these habits.

1. Sleep-Deprived People Are Night Owls

Looking back, the #1 reason why I don’t sleep enough is I go to sleep late. I’m no stranger to the hours between 1–3 AM.

The problem begins when you also need to be an early riser. As a full-time software engineer, that is a reality I deal with daily.

Sometimes it works and not for the right reasons, sometimes it doesn’t, and I’m sleeping until a little later than usual. Whenever that happens, I feel like it’s my body’s way of telling me, “you’re welcome, dumbass.”

Sleep is great, but sometimes I feel like I want to spend more time on my dreams. My body pays the price for that. Perhaps it shouldn’t.

2. Sleep-Deprived People Don’t Follow a Schedule

And by that I mean, a well-thought-out schedule.

If you follow a schedule that doesn’t include enough time to sleep, eat, have fun, etc. It’s not right, and you should fix it.

When you don’t follow a schedule, everything you do feels rooted in whim and impulse. You decide on the spot to do something, and there’s no prior planning.

When you plan what you’re going to achieve, the anxiety of not doing enough with your time dissipates, and you immediately feel calmer.

This calm is my experience at my day job. I come every morning, there’s a task list on the computer, and I know what I’m working on today.

This clarity needs to happen in our personal lives, too.

3. Sleep-Deprived People Consume lots of Caffeine

I drink about a liter of Coke Zero every day.

Yes, I know it’s super unhealthy. But, aside from the harmful effects of imbibing toxins, Caffeine wreaks havoc on our sleep cycles. I reached this point in my addiction to Caffeine, where even if I drink lots of caffeine-rich beverages, I can still fall asleep.

That doesn’t mean I’m immune to it. It means I now need more Caffeine to make myself enjoy its benefits.

Not a good sign.

Drinking this much Caffeine means the quality of your sleep decreases. Whenever I’m drinking coke before bed, I know it won’t affect my ability to fall asleep. But usually, I wouldn’t wake up fully rested.

At some point, I even stopped consuming coke six hours before bed. I didn’t persist for enough days to discover the benefits. But, I did learn the next point in this article.

4. Sleep-Deprived People Don’t Drink Enough Water

It occurs to me the only liquids I put in my mouth daily are coffees and cokes. I almost don’t drink any clear water at all.

I assure you, I’m not special.

The problem is water is an essential component of the human body. If I only ever drink water with chemicals, I make my body work extremely hard to get hydrated and let some pure water work magic on the entire system.

How does this relate to sleep? Well, water affects every process in our body. It’s a safe and secure assumption to make: a dehydrated person damages their sleep quality as they damage a plethora of processes in their body.

5. Sleep-Deprived People Suffer From Obesity or Overweight

My sleep deprivation experience also taught me it’s been pretty rough for my body to shed extra weight.

Whenever I get six hours of sleep or less, I’m hungrier than usual in the morning and during the rest of the day.

This experience makes me eat more than usual on such tiresome days.

It’s so much easier to eat a burger and deal with the consequences later, you know?

And so, day after day, we gain weight and larger clothes.

6. Sleep-Deprived People Deal With Lots of Stress

When you think about it, why do people don’t sleep enough?

Sure, some people stay up late for stupid reasons. But some of us do it because we’re stressed about something. Is it Debt? Career? Unrealized Dreams?

Time never stops, and we only have a fixed amount. It’s reasonable to be stressed about our lives when we want to achieve a lot and don’t get to do it.

Sleep-deprived people deal with lots of stress because they have lots of dreams and hopes.

At the end of the day, if everything in our lives were pleasant, we would all sleep enough, smile a lot, and never have any problems. We would also be so dull.

But that’s not what humanity is about at all. Humanity is about discovery. We’re always running for the next big hit. The next reward. The next best thing.

We never enjoy the moment. Perhaps we should learn to do that in moderation.

How To Deal With Sleep-Deprivation’s Problems?

I want to share my .02 cents about Sleep-Deprivation and how to solve it from my own experience.

In a perfect world, I could overnight sleep 8 hours of sleep, drink eight glasses of clear water every day, eliminate Coke Zero out of my diet, and realize all of my dreams.

But you and I both know it’s impossible.

So, instead of doing everything at once and failing, I decided to take a different approach.

I’m going to tackle this goal in smaller chunks instead of doing all of it. I’m going to start with the dehydration problem. I think it’s one of the most detrimental issues we face, and I can solve it rather quickly.

I need to drink at least a liter of clear water every day. It won’t be enough, but it would be a lot better than not drinking a liter of clear water every day.

When I got that habit settled in, I can move on to tackle other issues as well.

Rome wasn’t built in one day, and neither will your dreams. Let’s start small and build it up.

A different person might choose to tackle sleeping seven or more hours every night instead. That’s fine too. Just don’t try to do everything at once.

Your future self will thank you for investing in your health.

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