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Dog Haus Biergarten Closes Permanently

Dog Haus Biergarten sign remains intact day after closingPhoto byOptopolis

Previously, a local news outlet reported that Dog Haus Biergarten in Cheyenne, Wyoming has closed permanently, and sadly, this appears to be entirely true.

History: Cheyenne's Dog Haus and a glance at Pershing MarketPlace

Many years ago long before even knowing NewsBreak, it was reported on the Optopolis BlogSpot page that the Pershing MarketPlace (the outdoor plaza where Dog Haus previously operated) was being built on the corner of E Pershing Blvd and N College Dr.

There once stood a house in part of this location that was boarded up as of 2011. One would often also be able to see construction equipment on the part of the land along McCann Ave.
TOP: Boarded up house in 2011 | BOTTOM: Construction Equipment off of McCannPhoto byGoogle Maps Street View

In 2018, construction began on what would include Dog Haus Biergarten; Cheyenne's Dog Haus would open their doors to the public for the first time at the end of January 2020, having their first "Free Haus Dog Day" on February 1st.

A bit of a concerning moment came in mid to late 2020 when Cheyenne's Church's Chicken, another location also owned by franchisee Goalz LLC and located just down the road, seemingly randomly closed in spite of seeing many visitors, yet Cheyenne's Dog Haus continued to operate, as did Cheyenne's Applebees.
Church's Chicken Cheyenne's sign lit, taken when the restaurant was still open in 2020Photo byOptopolis

Dog Haus even continued remaining popular throughout 2022 with the location being used for an after-party during the Wyoming Film Fest!

Dog Haus Cheyenne closes permanently

Phylicia Peterson reported on 101.9 KING that the word on the street was Dog Haus was set to close on Sunday, March 5th, 2023; according to Peterson, the employees had apparently been notified as such not long ago. Upon a visit on March 6th just three years, one month, and a few days since Cheyenne's first "Free Haus Dog Day," the restaurant had indeed closed.

The signage on the exterior of the building was still standing; however, there appeared to be at least a worker or two inside the building, and some of the fixtures around the restaurant including the exterior TV screens were already being taken down.
LEFT: Dog Haus one day after closing | RIGHT: TV's taken down, light dangles in outdoor patioPhoto byOptopolis

As of the time of writing according to Dog Haus' restaurant locater, the nearest currently-open Dog Haus Biergarten is located in Denver Colorado off of Northfield Blvd, and the nearest non-Biergarten Dog Haus can be found in Centennial on E Arapahoe Rd. The locater also displays a new location coming to Windsor on E Main St/Weld Cty Rd 68. The Cheyenne location on the other hand, displays "closed" on every day of the week on its appropriate Dog Haus page.

Dog Haus corporate announces plans to return

Phylicia Peterson, the writer who wrote the aforementioned article mentioning Dog Haus had closed, has posted an update article after receiving word from Dog Haus corporate on what is to happen with the Cheyenne location. According to Phylicia, corporate said the following:

After proudly serving the Cheyenne community for almost three years, Dog Haus’ franchise partners made the difficult decision to close the restaurant located at 3838 Atkin St. Dog Haus Corporate is working diligently to make this closure a temporary one. The company is committed to finding a local partner to join us in delivering the best gourmet hot dogs, sausages, and burgers with award-winning service by operating this location. We look forward to reopening in Cheyenne and serving The Absolute Würst to the community again soon. - Erik Hartung, EVP of Franchise Development

At this time, there doesn't appear to be any word on when the location will reopen. Kudos to Phylicia for sharing this information!

Until Dog Haus can return to Cheyenne, where will you be getting your fix for hotdogs? Let us know in the comments!

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