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Cheyenne KFC is remodeling and renovating!

KFC Sign advertising the drive thru being open during constructionPhoto byOptopolis

If you've passed by the Cheyenne Kentucky Fried Chicken recently, you may have noticed something a bit... different about the location. They are actively moving along with remodeling and renovating the building!

Cheyenne KFC History

If you've lived in Cheyenne for 15+ years or visited at some point back then, you'll likely recall that KFC used to be closer to downtown Cheyenne; it was once located next to Baskin Robins at what is today Rodolfo's Mexican Grill. According to the property assessor, the building was built in 1968!
TOP: KFC in 2007 | BOTTOM: Rodolfo's in 2019Photo byGoogle Maps Street View
KFC moved to where it is today around the turn of the 2010s, the property assessor noting a 2009 build date. Previously, the property was home to the Home Ranch Motel as seen in this image on flickr.
For the longest time--since opening--the new KFC offered their buffet. Last year in 2022, however, the word on the street was that the buffet was set to be removed. By the time the New Year (start of 2023) had come around, the buffet counter had disappeared!
KFC Cheyenne when it still advertised the BuffetPhoto byGoogle Maps Street View

Plans are submitted and construction begins

Sometime in late 2022, it was noted here at Optopolis that site plans were in place to remodel and renovate the KFC, but at the time, it wasn't quite clear whether this was actually going to take place. Very recently, however, construction had begun.

Signage outside of KFC right now indicates that the drive thru will be open throughout construction. Another sign that could be seen posted in the window of one of the entry doors states that the lobby "will be closed February 20th...for a Remodel."
BG: KFC sign above entry taken down | Foreground: Lobby will be closed signPhoto byOptopolis

As of a visit on February 22nd, one could see from the drive thru window that the lobby was already sealed off from the kitchen, and by February 23rd, the sign above the entry door had already been removed!

The sign on the door also indicated that the lobby would be closed until March 20th. Based on the perspectives of the building in the items submitted to the city planning website, this KFC will soon use design aspects more similar to that of the KFC in Loveland off of Eisenhower.
KFC on Eisenhower in LovelandPhoto byOptopolis

Will you miss their buffet, or do you prefer going through the drive thru? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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