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Bed Bath Beyond Cheyenne is closing! (Casper's is closing too!)

Store closing sign inside of Cheyenne's Bed Bath and Beyond storePhoto by- The Retail Photographer

Officially, yes, Bed Bath and Beyond in Cheyenne, Wyoming is closing! Here's some info about where the store and also the brand as a whole stand right now.

Initial history

Cheyenne's Bed Bath and Beyond opened as one of the original tenants to the Cheyenne Marketplace along Prairie Avenue, the plaza of which was mostly built in 2007.

If you go into Google Maps Street View and jump back to Aug 2007 in the parking lot near present-day Plato's Closet, you can actually see the Bed Bath and Beyond facade before they added the signage to the building.
Bed Bath and Beyond in Aug 2007 when the plaza was being builtPhoto by- Google Maps Street View

Concern for the future of Bed Bath and Beyond in Cheyenne started by 2019 when an article seen on KGAB was published by Chris Brooks. In March 2020, all of the Bed Bath and Beyond stores temporarily closed as a result of curonah including the Cheyenne store which reopened later that year.

Throughout the last three years, many Bed Bath and Beyond locations (as well as Buy Buy Baby locations) have opened and closed; some stores have even relocated. Some locations began making use of a new experimental format being rolled out in various stores including the store in Northglenn, Colorado.
The new Bed Bath and Beyond store in Northglenn, Colorado that used the modern store formatPhoto by- Optopolis

Back in September 2022, 150 locations were announced to close, but for the time, both Wyoming locations were safe. Fast forward to around the end of January/start of February 2023, and another 87 stores were announced to close, but once again the Wyoming stores continued onward... or so it seemed.

Cheyenne's store was silently announced

Back on February 4th, a post was made by a member in the Cheyenne Rants and Raves Facebook group which stated the following...

Bed Bath and beyond is closing 必必必

This lead to a lot of debate in the comments of that post as to whether the store was actually closing. Some people said it couldn't be closing because it wasn't on the list; others (us at Optopolis included) were uncertain as to whether this was true, as (in hindsight) one had to walk inside the store to clearly see the store closing signs.

The following day and after seeing a photo from someone else who'd visited the Cheyenne store, a visit to the store was made during a live stream here at Optopolis (or see the shorter long-form video here if you don't want to watch for 30+ min) where absolute confirmation could be made that the store was indeed closing.

And yes, indeed, it was closing. During the above live stream between listening and talking to various workers throughout the visit, the store doesn't yet have a date chosen to be the last day.

Signs were posted around the store, advertising that the majority of the products were on sale for 10% off the original price, as well as numerous store closing signs.
LEFT: Entire store 10% off sign in window | RIGHT: Store Closing sign in the "sleep shop" departmentPhoto by- Optopolis

Within a few days of the Cheyenne store starting its closing process, an additional 150 stores were announced as planned to close as seen in a document filed with the SEC on Monday (Feb 6th), although there doesn't yet appear to be a list of the 150 locations. It appears the company as a whole has one more go left to try to keep the brand afloat, as seen in a CNBC article posted today (Feb 7th), thanks to a stock offering.

Casper, Cheyenne Bed Bath and Beyond stores officially announced (plus others)

Sometime on February 7th, Bed Bath and Beyond released a third list of closures that includes both the Cheyenne and Casper locations. The Fort Collins one hasn't appeared on any list, but Loveland, Northglenn, and Thornton stores are all on the list.
Interior entry to the Bed Bath & Beyond in the Eastridge Mall in Casper, WyomingPhoto by- Optopolis

Bed Bath and Beyond often had many unique items that were hard to find at other brick and mortar stores. Where will you be looking for stuff after Cheyenne's Bed Bath and Beyond closes? Let us know in the comments!

Originally published 02/07/2023 Tue 11:15 PST

Edit 02/08/2023 Wed 17:21 PST - Article initially stated it wasn't clear what was happening to the Casper store due to the lack of info. Curbside was turned off according to the BBBY location page, but there wasn't conclusive evidence of the store officially closing. Also added "Casper's is closing too!" to the title since this article now involves the Casper store.

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