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Burlington coming to Wyoming; new Cheyenne location!

Burlington "COMING SOON" sign hangs on the soon-to-be Burlington in 2021 at Front Range Village in Fort Collins, CO* -Optopolis

Cheyenne is expected to see a new Burlington Coat Factory! Another retail space is likely to become reused, as site plans have been submitted!

Where it's going to be located at and some building history...

Just earlier this month (May 2022), site plans were submitted for a new Burlington and a TBD retail space in the vacant half of the Dell Range Kmart as part of an "administrative adjustment" according to the Cheyenne Planning/Development website. This is in addition to the new Mattress Firm being built in front of the former Kmart.
The vacant half of the former Kmart in March 2020 -Optopolis

For those unaware, this building is the site of Cheyenne's third and final Kmart location. The store was built in 1991 according to the property assessor, and it opened on July 29th of the same year according to the Blue Pages Wiki, a wiki that has been slowly created and curated by various people in the retail community to document dates of stores including Kmart and Sears.

This Kmart store closed in March of 2017, less than a year before Cheyenne's second Sears location at the Frontier Mall which closed in January 2018.
TOP: Kmart when open in 2011 as seen from Prairie Ave | BOTTOM: Kmart in 2017 after closure -Google Maps Street View

Late that same year (in 2017), Hobby Lobby announced plans to relocate to part of the former Kmart, taking over the east half that previously included Kmart's clothing department, pharmacy, and the Kmart Cafe. Hobby Lobby opened at the new location in mid-2018, having their grand opening on June 11th.
Hobby Lobby as seen in March 2020 -Optopolis

This left the garden center and a second store front for lease, the latter of which was used by Spirit Halloween in 2019 and 2020 during late summer and fall of each year respectively.

How big will it be? Any changes to the building?

The site plan indicates that the vacant part of the building (roughly ±44,500 sqr feet compared to Hobby Lobby's roughly ±61,000 sqr feet) will be split roughly in half; the Burlington will occupy the front 25,000 sqr feet, while the back part (about ±19,500 sqr feet) is still "TBD."

Also, it shows that the Kmart Garden Shop will be completely removed and replaced with loading docks for each retail space as well as additional car parking. It appears Burlington plans to use the existing main entry, although at this time, it's unclear if any visual changes will occur besides adding their sign to the façade.
The Kmart Garden Center part of the building, as seen in March 2020; the site plans indicate removal of the yard and the shop -Optopolis

Are you excited for the new Burlington!? Let us know in the comments!

*The "Text RETAIL to" phone number in the photo at the top of this article was blurred to avoid any possible confusion, as this number may or may not be in use at this time, and it may or may not be applicable to the potential Cheyenne location.

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