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Breeze Thru on Dell Range is Remodeling!

Temporarily closed sign hangs on front of the Breeze Thru building on Dell Range -Optopolis

On January 10th, Breeze Thru temporarily closed their Dell Range location here in Cheyenne so it could be remodeled.

Some History of Cheyenne's first Breeze Thru location...

As mentioned in a previous article here on Optopolis, this location was built in 2010 as Cheyenne's first Breeze Thru Car Wash location. Perhaps ironically, this location actually replaced a manual car wash that stood in its place in years past (as can be seen in 2007 Google Street View). When this Breeze Thru first opened, it advertised a single-time car wash as cheap as $3.
TOP, MIDDLE: The old manual car wash that once stood here | BOTTOM: The Breeze Thru Car Wash in 2011 with a 3 dollar ad -Google Maps Street View

As time went on, small changes were made, one of the most obvious being visible from Dell Range by the year 2017, advertising a single car wash as cheap as $5. There would be a shift away from this advertising entirely, however, by 2021.
TOP: 5 Dollar ad in 2017 | BOTTOM: 5 Dollar ad no longer present in 2021 -Google Maps Street View

Now it's getting a full remodel!

As Breeze Thru shared in a recent FaceBook Post of theirs, this location closed on January 10th to begin the process of remodeling, just two days after the South Greeley Breeze Thru opened (and also on the same day the South Greeley location was originally was set to open).

Breeze Thru hasn't finished the remodel project yet; however, as of a recent chilly January night, it was clear Breeze Thru had begun disassembling some of the old equipment, as can be seen in the photos below...
Various perspectives of the Breeze Thru during remodel on a recent January night -Optopolis

Currently, Breeze Thru plans on reopening the Dell Range location on February 1st.

Are you looking forward to visiting this location after the remodel is completed!? Let us know in the comments below!

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