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This old gas station will be replaced soon! (Chase Bank coming to former Stag Convenience Corner Yellowstone)

A view of Stag Convenience Corner from Yellowstone Rd -Optopolis

A drive down the stroad called Yellowstone Rd reveals an old gas station/car wash (aka Stag Convenience Corner), and it appears its life is limited, as plans have been submitted for a new Chase Bank.

History of the gas station and car wash

The earlier history known here at Optopolis on this station is murky, but what is known thanks to the property assessor is that the convenience store portion was built in 1987 and expanded on in 2004, while the car wash portion was built in 1996.

Stag Convenience Corner was the name of the station by 2007. The time when Stag Convenience Corner (not to be confused with Stag Oil Company) closed is also rather vague, although Google Maps confirms that it closed between 2011 and 2017.
Aug 2011 vs. Jul 2017 -Google Maps Street View

A surprised yet failed reuse...

By 2018, the pumps had been removed, leaving only the underground tanks and the two buildings that made the Stag Convenience Corner still standing.

As it turns out, that year, Pizza Hut had plans in effect to expand the convenience store building to open up shop here, adding a drive thru in the process. Unfortunately, the plans never fully coalesced, and they appear to have expired in 2020. It's unclear what would have happened to the existing Yellowstone Pizza Hut location, especially seeing how close it is to this location.
The nearby Pizza Hut on Yellowstone. Plans reveal that the new one would not have used the hut design. -Optopolis

Temporary reuse (technically)

By 2020, City Flavors, a local shaved-ice establishment, began setting up shop in front of the old gas station. Every summer so far, they've placed their trailer in the lot. Whether they will be here again this year (2022) or not is unclear, but they have indicated that they plan to open this summer on their FaceBook Page.
Cars parked in front of City Flavors at Stag Convenience corner in summer 2021. Mile High Fries also was at this location on this day. -Google Maps Street View

Fire breaks out

In 2021, the car wash caught fire. The exterior of the building was mostly untouched, but the inside was burned to ashes.
A view inside of the car wash from one of the windows a few months after the fire -Optopolis

Chase Bank submits plans for their second Cheyenne location

Chase Bank had already expanded to Cheyenne in 2020, beginning to taking over the old Showtime Video USA/Wyoming Work Warehouse location near Kingsoopers; that location opened by 2021.

Compared to that location at about 11,400 sqr feet, this new location is set to be a smaller location at about 3,300 sqr feet. The Cheyenne City website and the development projects map both indicate they are still undergoing reviews for the project; however, plans indicate the entire station will be demolished.

Currently, the bank is set to be built roughly in the positioning of the convenience store building, and a parking lot would replace the car wash building.
Chase Bank at Longmont, CO's Harvest Junction -Optopolis

If things do work out for this bank, will you be using their service? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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