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Brand new FedEx Office to open in Cheyenne! Former Budweiser?

A snowy day at the soon-to-be FedEx Office near IHOP on Dell Range -Optopolis

On a recent snowy, windy day, a pass down Dell Range revealed an unexpected find! This FedEx Office is in the process of renovating this vacant space near IHOP (next to Papa John's).

What little history of this space is known at Optopolis

It should be clarified the space you are looking at is directly between China Buffet and Papa John's.

The amount of history available on this space's previous tenants is seemingly rather limited on the web. Thanks to a live-streamed walk-by of this space earlier this year on the Optopolis YouTube channel, it is clear the most recent tenant was most likely some kind of liquor store, with a label saying "we ID," and "Budweiser Hours" on the door. It's also appears it has been vacant since at least 2011 as Google Street View reveals.
A snapshot of the Budweiser logo that was posted on the door and still visible earlier this year -Optopolis

However, any tenants before that are unknown, so if you know further details about this space, it'd be appreciated if you shared your knowledge in the comments.

What to expect for this soon to be FedEx Office

This location will most likely become what its name suggests - anything you might find in an office from copiers and printers to computers. All in all, it'll likely be reminiscent of the existing FedEx Office (former Kinko's) near Logan Avenue.

Pick up and drop off package service will also be offered as multiple parking signs out front of the store specifically display.
A FedEx Pick Up and Drop Off sign standing in front of the soon-to-be FedEx Office -Optopolis
It looks like this FedEx Office still has a little more time before it opens, with more work to do inside. An exact opening date is not known at this time.
UPDATE 04/27/2022: This location has officially opened and has been open since March. It turns out that it was relocating from it's old location near Lincolnway; the old space is now vacant as seen below, and its marker on Google Maps has been moved to the new location.

Article originally posted 12/10/2021 Fri 21:27 MDT.

Do you think you will visit this location for your office needs? Let us know your thoughts of this new location in the comments!

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