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Dollar General opens second Cheyenne location!

Dollar General as seen from the NE corner of the property on US-30 -Optopolis

In less than two years, Dollar General has gone from no Wyoming locations to four; the most recent one is here in Cheyenne, making a total of two stores in the capital city!

Dollar General enters Wyoming market

Dollar General announced the grand opening of its first Wyoming DG store in 2020, located in Pine Bluffs. According to their website, this made the 45th state in which they have stores residing.

In that same year, Dollar General would open two more locations in the state of Wyoming; the second Wyoming DG store opened in Laramie and the third at the south end of Cheyenne. All of these stores seemed to pop up very quickly with Cheyenne's at-the-time-future store going from being a demolished and vacant lot in May 2020 to being built and ready to go as a new store in July 2020, as videos Standby News' YouTube channel further confirm.
Top: Dollar General in Pine Bluffs | Bottom Left: Dollar General in Laramie | Bottom Right: Dollar General (S Greeley Hwy) in CheyenneTop: Google Maps | Bottom Left, Bottom Right: Optopolis

Second Cheyenne location begins construction and opens!

Here at Optopolis, the possibility of a second Cheyenne store has been known for months, with the southern Cheyenne location mentioning that if that existing store did well enough, Dollar General would open another Cheyenne store somewhere further up north; that, they did.

By September when Google drove a Google Street View vehicle by the soon to be Dollar General on Greenway Street, construction was already underway on the brand new store with a new foundation already in place.
Dollar General (Greenway Street) already had a foundation in September. -Google Maps

The new Dollar General officially opened by the start of December and seems to be doing overall quite well for itself. The design of the building is more reminiscent of the Laramie and Pine Bluffs stores with a corner entry (included in the photos below) instead of a centered entry as seen in the South Greeley location.
A view of Dollar General with cars parked out front -Optopolis
Views of the interior of Dollar General (Greenway Street) | Top left faces back of store, other three face front of store -Optopolis

On a side note, it should be clarified where the DG parking lot entry is located (on Greenway Street, not Lincolnway/US-30); during this visit, it was noticed that occasionally, one would accidently turn right too soon or turn left too late, entering Whispering Chase Retirement Community's parking lot, only to realize one needed to turn onto Greenway Street instead. Accidents happen, but hopefully this will help prevent you from facing an unintended point of confusion and, ultimately, save you a minute or two of time if you decide to visit.

Have you visited a Dollar General? What was your experience like!? Drop your thoughts in the comments section!

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