Drinking water during mealtime or after mealtime


Every time we go to eat at a restaurant, they always have a glass of water for us to drink when we are thirsty. Some people like to drink water while eating, others like to eat all before drinking. Which is better? The answer is that drinking water is good, but not while eating. Why?


1. It can cause problems with your digestion

When you drink water with food, your saliva becomes liquid. As a result, it affects the secretion of gastric juice, which is responsible for digestion. It causes our stomach to not easily recognize the signs of digestion which can lead to bloating.

2. It slows down the absorption of nutrients

Because drinking water during a meal makes your digestive juices less acidic. This problem hurts your digestive system and causes your body to absorb fewer vitamins and nutrients.

3. It makes your mouth dry

Why does water make your mouth dry? Some people like to add a slice of lemon to their water, making it an acidic beverage that affects your salivation. Because saliva acts as a preservative for your oral environment, having a dry mouth can lead to several unpleasant symptoms, including bad breath. Lemon juice can also worsen health conditions such as stomach acid reflux and can damage the outer gums on your teeth.


These are the three reasons that you should not drink water while eating. What about you? Did you drink water during mealtime? What's happened to you after you drank water during mealtime or you are always drinking water after the meal? Share your experience to let everyone know in the comment below. Thank you.

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