Does Covid-19 Vaccination Affect The Unborn Baby?


Do not believe the rumors, most couples are worried about vaccinating against Covid-19 dare to have children because they are afraid that this vaccine will affect their unborn children. In other words, parents are worried about their children's health after being born.

Does the Covid-19 vaccine affect the unborn baby?

Scientists have so far studied and explained that they have not yet discovered any crises that affect the baby in the mother's womb. Instead, they studied more and found that when the vaccinate goes into your body, it builds up antibodies to protect yourself.

Another study has shown that pregnant women who are vaccinated have antibodies that are found in the lungs of the unborn baby. And scientists are pushing for another study that suggests the vaccine is highly effective for the mother. Means antibodies produced by the mother's organ. On the other hand, if you ask does it can help protect the baby when the baby is born? For one answer, the scientists are still studying, but what scientists are finding now is the benefits of getting vaccines for pregnant women are very large because of this finding. Pregnant women are being urged to decide to receive the Covit-19 vaccine.

So the only thing we can look forward to is whether the mother-made antibodies can continue to children, like any other vaccine we have given to pregnant women? But keep in mind that what the scientists are learning is that the vaccine is not harmful, or any reason, or any bad result to the pregnant woman.

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