Stress is a problem of feeling that most people have in their life


Stress is one of the bad things which is people always have in their life, even a kid also stressed about wanting to play their teddys or toys. Teenagers are stressed about studying at school. Old people stressed about how their work or their business is going to be. And any other problems are always in our mind. However, don't worry, problems will always be solved.

Learn about these three habits below that can change your life for the better:

If you want a happy and healthy life, you must have habits in the morning. Because in the morning has the effect of changing your mental state and if having problems, it will get better with these habits.

1. Make The Bed :

Many people overlook the point of starting life each day from bed, it influences your mood. William H. McRaven, a commander of the US (SOCOM), said that when you start every morning with the first bed preparation, being that way is not a small thing, but it does have the effect of making you feel good and continuing to enjoy throughout the day and even more feeling amazing. "So if you want to change the world, start each day with a task completed."

You can try to make the bed when you wake up, and you will feel happy. If you feel good, you can do more of your work each day.

2. No Smartphone In The Morning:

Most people always have bad smartphone habits, these bad habits will affect your mood in the morning. Why?

Studies have shown that when waking up makes you feel good, you have to keep this feeling fresh for longer. Because smartphone affects the body and the emotional system in the reaction. And your emotions are also associated with your daily routine.

When you turn on your phone, your body releases hormones (Dopamine) and you just turn it on for a while, it will become difficult to control your emotions. And you will feel frustrated and stressed. You wonder why my life is so troubled, it could be one of the reasons that you check your phone directly after just waking up. You should read books is better than your smartphone screen when you just wake up.

3. Do Exercise:

If you want to live comfortably and happily, you need to be physically fit and less sick. You should not underestimate this point, because 10 to 20 minutes of exercise every morning has an effect to make your mood happy.

Just do exercise such as walking, running in the park or a natural area, you will enjoy and love yourself more. You can experiment with these three habits and you will see results that you never had before.

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