Exercise Regularly Gets Many Health Benefits


In general, there are many kinds of exercises. One is the formal exercises we have such as the program they teach us like swimming, running, etc. And another one is general daily natural activities such as walking to the market, climbing the stairs, working, lifting luggage, all these things.

However, exercises are divided into 4 types:

  • Breathing exercises: called Aerobic exercises. It is any type of cardiovascular conditioning. Aerobic exercises can include activities like brisk walking, swimming, running, or cycling. This type of exercise can help the heart to move well and also improve blood circulation.
  • Strengthening exercises: it is the use of force to stimulate muscle cells to release toxins, tighten muscle cells and burn fat. ( such as workouts)
  • Balancing exercises: like doing yoga.
  • Stretching exercises: means the exercise that is performed actively, passively, or with partner assistance to take a muscle to the point of tension for 15-30 seconds. Do this before and after exercise to prevent muscle cramps or injury to the muscle or joint.

Exercise has a lot of benefits. Almost all of our lives depend on exercise to live comfortably but technically, exercise can cause us to lose weight. If our life just eating and sleeping, then people would be short-lived. This means that we get the calories, energy when we eat and have stored in our body, so it doesn't emit toxins, toxins that come out of sweat, toxins that come out by the stools. The system in our body will not work well if we don't exercise.

But if we do exercise regularly, our blood vessels, our muscles will work better, make us easier to defecate, make us breathe easily, make cells function smoothly, our health longevity. So all these are used strength and all the strength are from calories fat that has been stored for use. That is an exercise that is good for our heart and also maintains weight. In general, if our weight is stable, our hearts will be working very well, decrease blood vessels obstruction, not just lower blood pressure and also reduce the chance of heart attack, prevent cerebral artery occlusion.

"Metabolic syndrome" is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. These diseases will happen when you are not doing any activities to your body, not sweating. And it also happens by the metabolic is not working well.


According to American Psychological Association (APA), exercise can refresh your mind, give you to not feel frustrated, less discouraged, less panicked, make you become a confident person. Unlike people who don’t exercise, they might feel shy to do something or not confident or not agility.


Exercise does not just make your mind feel better, but it also makes your sleep better, full of energy. Many studies have shown that in as little as four weeks, people with chronic insomnia who begin regular exercise can fall asleep faster (up to 13 minutes) and stay asleep longer (18 minutes). Generally, study authors found that exercise was just effective as hypnotic drugs in relieving insomnia.

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Hope all of this informations will make you start doing exercise regularly and healthier life.

What's about you? Do you have any health benefits experience of doing exercise regularly to share with us or to the world? Comment below to share it with everybody.

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