The health benefits of 8 hours of sleep every night


Nighttime is the time that every life, everything needs to take a break, need to relax from a 9 to 5 job, or the time that we need to sleep. When you close your eyes and relax your body on a comfortable bed, it is a chance for your brain or your internal organs to take a break or to repair the damage to your internal body.

Have you ever felt tired or exhausted all day? Have you ever forgetfulness symptom? One research study has shown that 80 percent of American citizens are having a hard night's sleep and 25 percent are suffering from insufficient sleep. So what are the health benefits of getting enough sleep?

A study on mice has shown that if it doesn't get enough sleep, soon it also fell ill. Due to infection, loss of body heat, and about 3 weeks it will die. So how many hours do we need every night to get enough sleep?

Scientists have found that our sleep time depends on our age:

  • Just born babies ( 0 - 3 months ) --> Needs " 14-17 hours " of sleep per night
  • Babies ( 4 months - 1 year ) --> Needs " 12-15 hours " of sleep per night
  • Kids (1- 5 years ) --> Needs " 11-13 hours " of sleep per night
  • Kids (6 - 13 years ) --> Needs " 9-11 hours " of sleep per night
  • Adults ( 14 - 17 years ) --> Needs " 8-10 hours " of sleep per night
  • Older ( 18+ years ) --> Needs " 7- 9 hours " of sleep per night

Below are the health benefits of getting enough sleep:

1. Improve Memory System:

As we have mentioned, sleep is so important. When you are sleeping, your brain also organizes all the information of every day into a memory system.

If you don't get enough sleep, your memory system might decrease. Researchers believe that lack of sleep impairs a person's ability to focus and learn efficiently.

2. Lower Blood Pressure:

Old people always have high blood pressure symptoms whenever they can not sleep. So sleep is very necessary to lower blood pressure. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said during normal sleep, your blood pressure goes down. If you are having sleep problems means your blood pressure stays higher for a longer time and high blood pressure is one of the leading risks for heart disease and stroke.

3. Increase The Immune System:

The cells of the immune system also need a break like our body too. When getting enough sleep, these cells have a high ability to defend against and fight viruses.

SleepFoundation said sleep provides essential support to the immune system. Having a good night's sleep enables a well-balanced immune to a defense that features strong innate and adaptive immunity, efficient response to vaccines, and less severe allergic reaction.

4. Reduce Stress:

Less time of sleep, our body will build up stress hormones a lot. Sleep is a powerful stress reducer.

On the day, your brain is using the energy to do works, that time your brain is also creating waste inside of that too. So when you are sleeping, your brain is going to burn out the waste and keep the necessary things and also refresh your brain when you have enough time to sleep.

5. Not Often Gain Weight:

Enough sleep can stability of hormones that can keep your body still beautiful. Not enough sleep can cause the body to gain weight faster than usual because the body system increased levels of a hunger hormone called Ghrelin.


No matter your job or anything, how busy you are, you have to get enough sleep. Sleep is the main solution to solve everything of your problem. Getting full-time sleep is means you have got full good health in your life. Having a good night's sleep can improve learning of any type as it helps in maintaining attention, and being creative.
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