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NFL Superstar Announces Potential Trade Destination

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The Green Bay Packers appear to be headed for a rebuild after missing the playoffs with an 8-9 record this past season. One season after trading away superstar wide receiver Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders, the Green Bay Packers look like they will be trading away superstar and four-time most valuable player, quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

It is being reported that the Green Bay Packers are likely to trade away Aaron Rodgers, and would even prefer to trade him away.

There are many suitors in line for the superstar quarterback, including the New York Jets apparently willing to go "all-out" to acquire Aaron Rodgers.

We do know at least one place Aaron Rodgers will not be going, as he ruled out the San Francisco 49ers earlier this week.

However, talking with CBS, Aaron Rodgers has now given a statement on his possible trade destination in the offseason.

As shared by NFL insider for ESPN, Field Yates, Aaron Rodgers was discussing with CBS reporter Amanda Balionis of a potential trade destination. Asking Rodgers if there is "a favorite color, favorite city that you have on mind for next season", Aaron Rodgers replied that the "predominant team that we hear [from] as we're walking is Raiders."

This may be the most we hear from Aaron Rodgers about potential trade destinations, and the Las Vegas Raiders make a lot of sense for the former MVP.

The Las Vegas Raiders are looking to part with their current quarterback, Derek Carr, and the Raiders were apparently eyeing Tom Brady for their future quarterback. However, Tom Brady has announced his retirement from the NFL, which means the Raiders are left scrambling for a quarterback.

Not to mention, earlier this week, Aaron Rodgers former top target, Davante Adams, made it clear he wants to reunite with the superstar quarterback in Las Vegas.

Until then, speculation will be rampant and many teams will be in the bidding for the superstar.

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