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Worker Walks Onto Basketball Court During Game

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When you place an Uber Eats order, you want your food delivered to you as quickly as possible and you expect excellent service. If you fail to provide exceptional service, those ordering from you will likely give you a poor rating and can even adjust your tip.

Knowing this, it appears as one Uber Eats driver tried to go above and beyond to get somebody their Uber Eats order.

In the middle of a Loyola Chicago and Duquesne college basketball game, just a few minutes into the second half, the game had to be stopped due to an Uber Eats driver walking onto the court trying to make a delivery.

Not only was the game in progress, but the players were also actively playing at the end of the court the Uber Eats driver walked onto. How this happens is anyone's guess, as you could imagine you would visually see players playing a game within feet of the delivery.

However, the driver appeared determined to get the McDonalds food to whoever ordered it.

According to Abby Schnable, a Pittsburgh Gazette reporter covering Loyola Chicago, the ref said this is the first time this has happened for him. The Uber Eats order was also made by someone working for the video board.

After the incident, the game continued without a hitch, and the Duquesne Dukes defeated the Loyola Chicago Ramblers 72-58.

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