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Rock Hill Hospitality & Community Pride Sends out Hearty Welcome

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Hello readers. It’s been a while! I no longer reside in the Asheboro, North Carolina community, where I have lived, worked, and reported local news for the past year. Thank you to the residents of Asheboro for your friendliness in spite of a difficult time for many of you.

Pandemic, and all.

The Asheboro area, I’ll be honest, wasn’t my cup of tea, so to speak. I never quite felt I found my “groove” there. So, having been offered an opportunity here in South Carolina, for my writing work, I moved to Rock Hill, South Carolina, and let me tell you – the hospitality and friendly welcome here has been none less than astounding.

Today, I’d like to shout out loud and thankful to the literal hundreds of Rock Hill residents who have welcomed me to this community. In fact, I can think over the years about how many times I have moved and only this time has there ever been such a hearty and warm welcome. And, I am pretty sure it’s not my pretty face or my winning personality – it’s the sense of community and southern hospitality shining out of Rock Hill, like a beacon of friendly light.

I have learned that those of you who are from Rock Hill, South Carolina are proud to share that with me, and proud of this community that raised you. You’ve told me about your favorite places here – those places you cherish in your heart for giving you memories and shaping the person you’ve become.

I’ve been welcomed here by other transplants to South Carolina, who, like me, are from different states and came here for one reason or another. Not only are they happy to be here – they plan to stay in Rock Hill. They, too, shared with me all their favorite places here.

Is there a “kool-aid” fountain of “happy community” here that I’m not aware of? Maybe it’s in that giant fountain downtown – oh yeah, I saw that monstrosity. It’s GORGEOUS. And those lovely statues are breathtaking. I looked up what they were on the City of Rock Hill Government site and learned this:

“Each Civitas holds a different circular emblems to signify four key themes of Rock Hill.
~Gears of Industry
~Flame of Knowledge
~Stars of Inspiration
~Lightning Bolt of Energy

The Gateway intersection where the 4 Civitas statues stand is circular to symbolize unity, teamwork and togetherness. The columns that stand beside the Civitas were a gift to the city from First Union Corporation, and are regarded as one of the area’s most treasured historical artifacts. A gift to the City from First Union Corporation, they represent Rock Hill’s commitment to preserve and enhance the history of the area.”

I also enjoyed reading about the Rock Hill logo (which you can do right here in this free PDF.)

Thank you to all the kind residents who have extended invitations to me for dinner, for brews, for walking and hiking, for learning to shag dance, for joining or starting writer’s groups and books clubs, and even an invitation to a luncheon for a women’s group in the area. The warm welcome is appreciated and gives me hope for living here this year.

Rock Hill’s Top 3 Places to Visit (According to what I’ve heard so far)

  1. The Pump House Restaurant – where, I’m told, the price tag is worth it for the value and experience. I’ll be happy to check it out and report to you my experience there.
  2. The Catawba River and walking greenway – where good people like going to get a little sunshine by the water.
  3. Miracle Park – where inclusivity meets play for all our children.

In the comment’s section, I invite you to tell about YOUR favorite places in Rock Hill. For others reading this post, what places do they need to know about? Are there places to avoid? What should visitors to Rock Hill know about your town? What places and activities are “must-see”? How did you come to be in Rock Hill and have you enjoyed living here? I look forward to reading your stories.

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Signed, “Rock Hill newbie”, One Author

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