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Visiting 311 Flea Market in Sophia, NC

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311 Flea Market sign,Photo by the author

Being new to the Asheboro area, I couldn’t wait to visit nearby 311 Flea Market in Sophia, NC. When you’re from the south, nothing kicks off a weekend better than an early Saturday stroll through the local flea market. And 311 did not disappoint.

I grew up in close proximity to Webb Road Flea Market which is to the locals both a weekend activity and a cultural practice. In short, people in the area grew up with that flea market, and going there feels as American as apple pie. It’s a really large, primarily indoor, flea market with vendors that have been there both before and after the fire of 2010 that rocked the China Grove area. So when I visited 311, my sights were high.

The first thing that surprised me was how sprawly it was. Webb road is mostly contained to rows of long buildings, but 311 was an entanglement of buildings, outdoor tables, and rows of cars, containers, and people walking everywhere. I found it a bit disorienting at first. Along the roadside, you’ll see some of the outdoor vendor tables and the place looks like it’s not all that big.
311 Flea Market outdoor vendor area,Photo by the author

I was so wrong. When you get inside, park in one of the small parking areas (grassy or gravel, largely unpaved) and you begin walking, you quickly realize there are a whole lot of vendors and artisans there for you to see. I was rather surprised at the expanse of the vendor area.
311 Flea Market outdoor vendor area,Photo by the author

What’s 311 Flea Market like?

The flea market is largely outdoors, although there are some indoor spaces and an indoor snack area. There are some other folks with booths or carts with lemonade or snacks and homemade food items.

There are tables of everything you can imagine:

  • Crafts
  • Clothing
  • Hats, shoes, purses
  • Tools
  • Household items
311 Flea Market outdoor vendor area,Photo by the author
  • Car parts
  • Furniture
  • Tires
  • Mattresses
  • Collector’s items
  • Children’s toys
  • Baby items
Cute painted tanks,Photo by the author
  • These things (see pic above)
  • Artisan work like wood-burning signs and crochet items
  • Lots of jewelry
  • Knives
  • Bed frames
  • Pictures
  • Art, sculptures, decor
  • Memorabilia
Artisan work, 311 Flea Market,Photo by the author

  • Smoking and vaping devices and supplies
  • Watermelons!
  • Cosmetics
  • Grocery and cleaning items
  • Guns
  • Movies, books, games and other entertainment items
  • Farming vendors
  • Botanical and plant vendors
Watermelons for sale,Photo by the author
Plants for sale (they had some lovely rose bushes!),Photo by the author

  • Animals - I saw bunny rabbits and bantam cochin chickens for sale
  • Christian signs and collectibles
  • Toiletry items
  • Flags
  • Bicycles
  • Exercise equipment
  • Motorcycle apparel and equipment
311 Flea Market outdoor vendor area,Photo by the author

The atmosphere was friendly and although there were a lot of people there it did not feel cramped or crowded. None of the vendors were overly aggressive with their sales and offered a bit of help if I needed it. One woman told me all about her flea market knowledge for several large flea markets in the area or events she’d been to. We talked for a bit about how flea markets are so important to local folks who use them to earn a living or as a second income.

Plan your visit

Plan for the weather with sunscreen, a hat or other clothing to protect you and your children from the sun, and a bottle of water.

Strollers are a bit difficult to navigate the gravel terrain so be sure to pack your stroller a little light and bring one that can roll easily over rocks. There are some hills to walk up but none were very steep.

There’s almost nowhere to sit so prepare to make your visit short if you need to. Perhaps visit on a few smaller visits if the walking is too much for you.

Bring cash. I didn’t see any vendors accepting cards. (There may be some in the interior store-like spaces but I did not see it.)

Here’s what you need to know:

311 Flea Market Information

Location: 7190 US Highway 311, Sophia, NC 27350

Hours: Saturdays (7 am-3 pm) and Sundays (8 am-3 pm)

Calendar of events: calendar

Become a vendor: Call MARKET #: (336)434-4163 (ASK FOR AMBER, TRICK OR KIM)

Owner: TRICK MORRIS (336)442-2237

Vendor fees: Check here for any changes to vendor fees.

Outside spaces:

Single tables - $10.00 per day

First come / first serve / no reservations

Carport shed with 4 tables - $20.00 per day - $40.00 per weekend - $160.00 per month (Check in the office for availability. Must pay in advance.)

Storage buildings with one table - $80.00 per month (Check in the office for availability. $40.00 deposit is required up front)

Inside spaces:

Single tables - $12.50 per day - $25.00 per weekend - $100.00 per month

10x12 Spaces - $20.00 per day - $40.00 per weekend - $160.00 per month

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