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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit This Coastal Town in North Carolina

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Southport, NC on the Cape Fear River, Brunswick County, NC
Southport view of Cape Fear RiverPhoto by the author

This past weekend I made my first trip to a small coastal town in Brunswick County, North Carolina. It was the first time I had ever been to Southport, North Carolina, and I found myself immediately making plans to go back. It's the kind of town where you want to pack up all of your things and move sight-unseen to some rental property on the edge of town just so you can be close to the area. It's the kind of place you want to come back to.

I traveled there with my little dog who is a mixture between a Chihuahua and a Yorkie. We made a cute pair, walking up and down the roads, neighborhoods, and along the shoreline of the Cape Fear River. We spent the better part of a day just soaking in the ambiance of the town.

If you want to visit Southport, North Carolina, here are my top five reasons to pack your bags and book your trip right now.

Breathtaking and Quaint Historic Homes

As with many interesting little North Carolina towns, the downtown area has historic homes. I found the neighborhoods filled with these beautiful and breathtaking homes to be so inviting and warm. Many of the owners or visiting travelers sat on the porches and waved at passersby or simply watched over the boating activity on the Cape Fear River.

Beautiful live oak trees were shady and sprawling. Patches of botanical beauty dotted the storefronts and sidewalks. But all eyes are immediately drawn to the beauty of those rows of historic homes.
Beautiful home on the coast of Southport, NCPhoto by the author

Many of the homes have display plaques next to the front door so that you can see the name of the property and sometimes the original owner of the property. There were a few of these homes that were listed for sale, so if you are interested in historic properties, you can search for them on real estate websites such as Zillow.

Believe me, I've already searched for the price of rental properties there. I fell in love with the town and would certainly move there in a heartbeat!
Lovely historic homes, Southport, NCPhoto by the author

Lots of Walking & Outdoor Fun

  • Parks
  • Waterside walking
  • Walk on the pier
  • Fishing
  • Bench and swing sitting for people watching or leisure time with a book
  • Watch the boats & shrimping vessels
  • Comb the shoreline for small critters or treasures

The outdoor walking areas, complete with park areas, rocky crags to explore the waterside, and areas for sitting benches and swings, provide plenty of space for walking exploration for you, your family, and even your dog. Plan to park on the street in the town area and walk for the duration of your time there. So yes, wear your walking shoes!

You can spend hours exploring the area but bring some water and a pop-out bowl for your dog to keep them well hydrated as you enjoy your time in Southport. Locals and travelers alike are friendly and open to brief conversations. It is a wonderful outdoor time for relaxation and leisure.
Southport, NCPhoto by the author

Craggy shoreline, Southport, NCPhoto by the author

Fun for the Whole Family Including Your Dog
Josie, the traveling 'Chorkie' dogPhoto by the author

Take your dog with you! My dog enjoyed exploring by the water and strolling through the park areas. There were lots of other folks there walking their dogs which made for some fun interactions, like doggie meet-and-greets.

  • Bring doggie waste bags so you can clean up after your dog.
  • Bring a bottle of water and a little bowl so you can give your pooch a drink of water when they need it.
  • Take your time and let your dog explore all the interesting smells while you take in the sights.
  • Take care when you are walking past outdoor eating areas that your dog does not bother dining patrons.

Restaurants & Shopping
shore-side restaurant patronsPhoto by the author

Waterside restaurants as well as café-style streetside restaurants of all kinds dotted the shores and streets in Southport, providing plenty of dining experiences for you. There were also shops for collectibles, artsy decor, clothing, and all kinds of shopping fun.

It seemed everywhere we went there was a fun little store to explore. Check with store owners before you take your dog inside as some allow this and some do not.
Southport, NCPhoto by the author
Charming shopPhoto by the author
Historic theatrePhoto by the author

Quaint Coastal Experience
coastal ambiance at Southport, NCPhoto by the author

The 5th reason I think you should visit Southport, NC on the shores of the Cape Fear River, is the lovely atmosphere. It truly is a quaint, friendly, laid-back, and creative area with lots to see and experience.

If you just need a bit of fresh air and some lovely scenery, you can’t go wrong with this charming town. If you are into music or the arts, check with the town’s website for fun festivals held there each year.
Beautiful view of the waterPhoto by the author

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