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HWY 55 in Randleman, NC, Serving Up Delicious

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When I first moved to the Asheboro area I was pleased to see a Hwy 55 restaurant located nearby. I recently had the pleasure of going in for a bite to eat and I just wanted to share a bit about my experience there.

The Service Was Great

The first thing I notice about a new restaurant is how the people that work there treat their patrons. If the wait staff is especially rude or if they are distant and non-communicative, I quickly lose interest in giving that business my time or money. I don't recall the lady's name who served me the day that I went in but the first thing she did right is to not ask me why I would be dining alone. I often dine alone and it's uncomfortable when people ask me where the rest of the people are or why I am coming in to eat all by myself (with a sad and pouty face.) In today's day and age, I don't think it's unusual for someone to go into a restaurant and eat by themselves.

The waitress was kind and took my order promptly. She kept my drink filled and answered any question I had with a smile on her face. Her friendly and professional attitude was duly noted and much appreciated.

The Food Was Delicious

It doesn't matter what restaurant you go to, if the food is terrible you never want to go back. I've been to a HWY 55 many times in other towns, so I was familiar with the menu. I ordered the same thing I always order when I go to Hwy 55. I enjoy the Shrimp Po’ Boy with a side of french fries.

If you're not familiar with a Po’ Boy-style sandwich, It is a Louisiana-inspired sandwich on a soft, French-style bun. It usually includes some type of meat, shredded lettuce, and a tasty Louisiana-style sauce. The Shrimp Po’ Boy comes with a generous amount of popcorn shrimp, breaded, and doused with the delicious Po’ Boy sauce.

I always enjoy the shrimp Po’ Boy from Hwy 55 because there is so much delicious shrimp on the sandwich. As I had hoped, my sandwich arrived in a reasonably short amount of time although they appeared to be rather busy. The staff had on their masks and patrons mostly came in with masks on and took them off to eat their food. I did the same.

The sandwich was hot and delicious. The shredded lettuce was nice and fresh. They bring a fork so that you can eat some of the shrimp with your fork if you choose, which I tend to do since the sandwich is so generously filled. The waitress brought me some ketchup, which I had requested and it was clean and fresh. The french fries were hot and perfectly salted.

The Atmosphere Is Nice

One of the things I enjoy about Hwy 55 is looking at all of the 50s inspired artwork on the walls while I eat my food. There aren't a whole lot of these 50's-style diners around in this area so Hwy 55 is certainly a treat for families or for individuals like myself. I check out all of the cool artwork and read the signs and just watch the open kitchen where the workers and cooks are busy preparing food. The staff seemed to be pleasantly enjoying their work. It's a nice getaway to just go and grab a bite of affordable yet delicious food for dinner. And the best thing is there is no cleanup!

One warning — if you are especially sensitive to noise, which I am, the music and open-concept can get a little noisy.

The waitress brought me a to-go box and took my payment and I was on my way with my belly pleasantly full. Since my visit to Hwy 55 I have also ordered the same meal from them via GrubHub. I was again pleasantly surprised that the food was so delicious and delivered in a reasonable amount of time. It was still hot when it arrived to my home!

Shout out to all the great people working at Hwy 55 in Randleman, North Carolina for a great job and for your friendly service. Everyone should stop by and have a meal there!

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