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If you’re crawling out of bed and stumbling to the laptop for work before you’re even fully awake—your life is quickly becoming unmanageable. In fact, you may be waking up overnight and checking your phone or creating to-do lists while you’re in the tub. Working from home can quickly take over your life and demand more of your time than you intend. The best way to stay on top of it all is to develop a great morning routine that kicks off your day well and sets you in productivity mode early in your day. Here’s how you can do that in some easy steps to a great day at working from home.

Wake Up

Of course, wake up. But fully wake up before you open that email and start answering clients. Get your mind fully alert before you sleep-text your boss. Starting work before your mind and body are fully awake can have consequences.

You may be used to getting a morning shower, grabbing a quick bite, and then heading out the door for work. The commute time is something you don’t have now and that was valuable time for your body and mind to become acclimated to being awake, processing stimuli, and willing your mouth to speak in coherent syllables.

Now that you are working from home, you need to replace this commute time with some other activity that helps your brain to wake up. The cognitive fog you experience in the morning is termed sleep inertia and it is a real, biological thing your body and mind goes through.

Coming Out of Sleep Inertia

Great ways to bust sleep inertia and kickstart your morning will help you to put together your new morning routine. Here are some of the best ways to get yourself awake so you can get to work.

Control How You Wake Up

How you wake up can greatly influence how long sleep inertia lasts. Set your alarm for the same time each day. When it goes off, turn on a light. Light can help your body to understand it is time to begin waking up. Calculate how many hours of sleep you need and make sure to be in bed at the right time the night before. This takes some time to figure out for your own body but you need to be sure you are not waking up in the middle of a sleep cycle each morning, which can make that morning grogginess much harder to kick.

Don’t Overload on Coffee

Too much coffee actually has the opposite effect and can make you quite anxious. Have a bit of Joe and then turn your focus onto getting hydrated and having a little bit to eat. Even if you are not a morning eater, this small breakfast will help set you up for a more productive morning.

Take a Shower

A quick shower is invigorating and can help your body to shift more easily into wakefulness. Keep the water slightly cooler for these morning showers so your body gets that refreshed feeling. Use a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil for a good perk-me-up in the shower.

Take a Short Walk

Once your body is getting the message—it’s time to wake up—clear your mind with a short walk, preferably outdoors. Leave your phone powered down or silent for this walk. This is not a part of your work day but a part of the preparation you make for your mind, to clear your thinking and prepare yourself mentally for a productive day. Listen to the birds or a bit of music that really gets you going. Create your own morning playlist for this purpose!

You can also listen to a guided meditation from a YouTube video or your favorite meditative guide. Take this time to reset your mind and gather your internal energies and your intentions for a productive day.

Your Morning Routine Can Set You Up for Success

Before you tackle creating to-do lists, answering emails, and getting back to all your clients or co-workers, take those few moments each morning to fully wake yourself up. Prepare your body with an invigorating shower and a light meal. Prepare your mind with a quiet walk. And prepare yourself with some positive self-talk, some music that excites you about your day or relaxes the stress of beginning a new day, or by listening to a meditative guided session. When the mind, body and spirit are all ready for work—so are you!

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