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Police Respond to Shooting in Asheboro off Fayetteville Street

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Wednesday, April 28, there was a shooting at an apartment complex off of Fayetteville Street in Asheboro, NC. The above picture was taken hours after the incident that left one injured by a gun shot wound. The victim, an adult female, was transported to the hospital with a wound to the arm and chest. Bystanders reported the woman got out of the car and collapsed on the pavement and then appeared to be unresponsive.

The second passenger in the car, a male, was arrested on scene.

The reason for the shooting or the identities of the two parties involved is not being released. Apartment residents reported that no one knew the identity of the couple or knew why they were at the apartment complex, parked just off the main road.

Though residents were shaken by the event, management staff assures the incident did not involve residents. The office management will follow up with more information to keep residents informed and assured of their safety while the police investigation continues. The Asheboro Police Department responded to the scene. The department employs 76 sworn officers and 6 civilian employees. There's no information regarding this incident on their website at this time but you can check here for current and upcoming press releases.

Crime in Asheboro in recent months has involved several shootings. If you live in the area or are thinking about moving to Asheboro, you may want to check on the crime rates for particular neighborhoods. Neighborhood Scout is a website that allows you to do just that.

The site reports Asheboro crime data to be:

Score: 5 (100 is safest)

Safer than 5% of U.S. Cities

The site also reports that of you live in Asheboro you are likely to be the victim of a violent crime "1 IN 208" compared to the statewide average of "1 IN 269.
Another way to stay informed is to join the NextDoor ap, which is a social site specifically for neighborhoods. Neighbors can keep in touch for incidents like this shooting (there were posts on Nextdoor about this incident as it happened.)
The local nespaper serving the Asheboro area is the Courier-Tribune, who has not yet reported on this incident. Stay tuned here on NewsBreak for more information or visit the Courier-Tribune website for further updates.

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