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Some time ago I covered a few ways that writers and creatives can self-promote on various media platforms, and drum up fans for your writing and your poetry. Mirakee was one of those suggestions.

Use smaller sites like Mirakee and Flipboard
Mirakee is a great place for poetry snippets and quotes — a very visual site with a younger following. Flipboard allows you to post your articles like a collection of online magazines that people can follow. (Quote from article.)

It has long been a smaller community I wanted to tap into and look for avid readers of poetry and lovers of the written word. (It is still on my to-be-explored list) I received an email today regarding an update for the app, which I downloaded, along with a new piece of info: a name change.

What the heck is Mirakee?

Mirakee is a bit like a mashup of Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram with options to share quotes and small passages of text. Each post allows you to choose a colorful background, play around with fun fonts (colors, type, and size) for your work, and to share a bit of elaboration on your post with tags or links. The micro-blogging platform is quite visual, easy to read and scroll through on your phone, and is geared toward those who love the written word and like to make it visual; perfect for poetry, micro-blogging, and small advertising blurbs.

Mirakee advertises as a “writer’s paradise” offering customization tools that would appeal to writers and creatives. As someone who is forever creating Canva graphics to share my poetry quotes, Mirakee is a bit easier and less time consuming, only you are limited to sharing with your Mirakee following.’s screenshot’s screenshot

How does Mirakee work?

Download the free app, create your own profile and start publishing your creative posts. It’s that easy. The interface is super-simple. You can follow others and scroll through your feed for interesting snippets, quotes, or poems by other Mirakee users.

What’s this deal about a name change?

The email sent out by Mirakee staff did not specify a date, but the name is now being changed to Miraquill, a play on writer’s tools, furthering the brand recognition. (I’m not sure the new name isn’t reminiscent of head congestion medication NyQuill, but in time we’ll see if the new name takes root with users.)

With a modest following of roughly 300,000, Mirakee, I mean, Miraquill is fairly new to the social media stage (formed in July 2016) but does fit an important niche: writers who love their work and want to just celebrate that with other people. Many users most dedicated to the platform (as are the creators of this platform) are from India, and love the simplicity and creative connection found there with other writers.

What can I use Mirakee/Miraquill for?

Share your poems or micro-blogging thoughts. Get creative. Read and comment. You know the drill — only this time, it’s a little “prettier.” This gives you the freedom of setting the tone for your micro-blogging or a way to share your favorite quotes. You can make lovely posts any time you want, share them with your family and friends, and meet other creative people who enjoy the same types of things that you do.

Today, people want something that uplifts them and makes their day a little brighter. What would you do with your own Miraquill?

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