Biden Transparency in Key First Days

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Following the inauguration of Joe Biden into the POTUS position, America’s new leader has been busy getting to work for the American people. Whether you agree or not with his strategies, his political leanings, or his ideas, you have to say, the mood has changed. The language has changed. And something else has changed--transparency.

Joe Biden ushers in a diverse staff and a new press secretary Jen Psaki, who takes the mic with a noticeable change of tone. Informative, professional, clear and yes, transparent, keeping the American people well-informed at each press conference.

Top of the agenda and behind many of the slew of executive orders already signed since Biden took office, is the looming Covid-19 crisis and the new administration’s plans to gain control of and eradicate the deadly virus. To date, the United States has lost over 410,000 people to coronavirus, up over 4000 from this time yesterday. The Biden administration is taking a bold, strong, and thorough stance, backed with a hard plan of exactly how we get out of this raging pandemic.

The entire plan can be read here.

Cases overview: United States (Source )

Total cases: 24.7M (+191K )

Deaths: 410K (+4,142)

The previous administration handled the pandemic with confusing and often inflammatory statements and news conferences with Trump giving perhaps well-meaning but certainly awkward and frequently misleading (or dangerous) advice to the American people regarding the contraction, treatment, and care of Covid cases. Many Americans began losing faith in the administration to handle the crisis, especially with early denial of the seriousness of the pandemic. In short, America could have been prepared and acted quickly, but a lack of leadership cost precious time and no doubt, American lives.

Biden’s Administration—Offering A New Tone America Needs

With America getting literally sick of this disease, the restrictions, the financial hardship, tensions are high as well as fear. Many feel the virus is spreading closer and closer, and the fear is real. The frustration is very real. The suffering bank accounts...disastrous for many.

The American people are tired. Tired of arguing. Tired of worrying. Tired of hiding from a virus while the states all wrestle with the logistics, the plan, the administration of restrictions, treatment, and control of this invisible foe. Each state yes, knows its own needs, but without a national comprehensive, cohesive strategy; we are losing. All of us are losing. Some, more tragically than others.

What we need is a plan. What we need is an empathetic administration that knows our fears, our needs, and works to help the American people. This is about more than stimulus checks. It is more than masks. As a country, we need leadership. As Biden called it in one of his first remarks to the American people after taking office, these “war-like” must be faced with courage, strength, and unity. He asked the American people to hang in there and wear masks more diligently for the next 100 days, during which he has pledged to get 100 million Americans vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine. As new strains are beginning to appear, the timing could not be more crucial, more dire, for us to implement an aggressive plan to fight this virus and take our country back from this silent and invisible foe. Together, under strong leadership, we can do just that.

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The tone coming from the White House has shifted to informative, transparent, and firm. Tamping down fears of the vaccine may be a challenge, but the Biden administration plans to address concerns and skepticism over the vaccine with more available information through the CDC and with a bit of understanding. The roll out of this vaccine was certainly fast and many people have questions over the vaccine’s safety and efficacy.

As President Biden signed executive orders, he called out what each order was as he signed them. He did not rail on about himself or his accomplishments, or call out to his own supporters, but simply offered transparency the American people need. He explained what he was doing and why in clear and intelligible remarks before the signing and in each public appearance since his inauguration. The celebrations of the inauguration were treated with the respect and dignity his office and our country’s history deserves, but quickly afterwards, Biden went straight to work fighting to save the lives of the American people. While Trump may have intended to help the American people by tamping down fears over the virus early on, the response was intermittent, thinly applied, and often in complete denial over the magnitude of the virus on American soils. The impact of those shortcomings has cost more American lives and shifted the country’s faith in the government's ability to step up when things get difficult. The strength Biden is displaying in his first few days of office is something all Americans need right now, regardless of political leanings. Leadership is crucial in times of crisis.

Can America Come Together?

It is unclear how well Biden will be able to pull America together by its breaking seams. Perhaps the political divide is far too deep to be healed. But I do not believe that to be the case. We are a nation in mourning. The cries of over 400,000 families must be heard. These deaths must not be in vain. Where we have fallen short in the past year, we must now double down with new and stronger efforts.

I am hopeful the transparency of this current administration will help to keep the American people informed and create a more unified force to fight the virus. Perhaps I am an optimist. But, this country’s great people and great freedoms are worth fighting for. My hope is that we all remember what we are fighting for and what we are fighting against. For the same reason we wear a mask to protect the ones we love, hopefully we can disregard our differences long enough to be on the same team.

Because this virus does not care who we voted for.

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